Loaded in the desert


Some really fun session footage in the dessert of Moab. I swear I’ve referenced the old Element Skateboards (I think ) advert of someone skating on the rocks in the desert before, but I can’t find it on S&A anywhere. I can’t even remember who it was. I want to say Danny Way, but that doesn’t seem right (Because it isn’t right, thanks to Brock and Scotty who pointed out is was in fact Jeremy Wray.) Anyone out there remember who it was? In any case, check out this video from Loaded. Everyone likes to go on and on about ditch skating, but there’s skating on natural ditches in here that looks excellent. In fact, so much of the terrain looks excellent, as long as you have big soft wheels. After you’re done with this video, check out some natural rock terrain skating that you’ve probably never seen before over on Negative Ion, just scroll left when you get there.

You can safely skip ahead to the 1 minute mark on this one.


  1. Brock75 on December 6, 2013 - Reply

    Jeremy Wray? Ollie on a rock?

  2. Back in the late 70’s the Skate mag “Wild World of Skatebaording” did a big article about kids skating at Moab.

  3. francisco on December 7, 2013 - Reply

    Here ya go: http://vimeo.com/21119024

    I googled “skateboarding on moab slickrocks” and there it was. I copied the video link and forgot the original source. Sorry.

    I love skateboarding and I love untouched nature so I would be torn about whether or not to skate here if I ever got the chance.

    • You know I feel sort of the same way about nature, but I think urethane on rock would have essentially no impact. However, if it became a “spot” there would inevitably be a bunch of sports drinks bottles and other garbage left behind by the lunkheads.

  4. This might be interesting to u guys. 😉

    Outback mtboards at Moab
    Dan Drehobl at 16:52
    Jeff Pang in the credits.


    Jesse Martinez testing a mtboard.

    Rick Blackhart mentions the Go-For-It dirtboard in “Ask the Doctor”

    Jake Phelps review the Dirtboard.
    TW ad showing Jeff Phillips on one.

    • I remember those dirtboard ads in Thrasher from the 80’s, I think those Go for It dirt boards were even in some of the late 70’s mags.

  5. Skateboarder did one with jaws on the cover a while back kf in utah

  6. I liked this one better…..

  7. Yeah, the rock formation I skated in the Element ad and in other skate magazines was one I found in Utah. Super fun spot to skate but a bit of a trek for most. We haven’t been back to revisit it yet, but have been thinking about hitting it again soon. Fun to see the other videos and what they are up to out there riding the rocks. ????

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