More Brand-X bootlegs


In June there were (at least) 2 fake Brand-X decks for sale. The left one is a copy of a 1986 Sean Goff model that was designed by Steve Krajewski, it even says ‘Sean Goff model’ on the top right. The right one was based on the 1987 XEX-model by Bernie Tostenson. It’s actually the same like the one from last month, only in another colourway and I think it could have been made from another company  too, because the design looks slightly different.

This sold on Kapaza for 5 euros.




This ‘Sean Goff’ was for sale at for 10 euros.


And of course the much nicer, original Brand-X deck, seen in Ebay watch: May 2012.





  1. PIGCITY on July 3, 2013 - Reply

    I used to ride one of these cheapy completes and in the mid 80s met Sean Goff at a Slalom comp at Brands Hatch race track. I asked him to sign my board with a Biro, he declined but did sign my copy of RAD. He was a nice guy whereas the then editor of Skateboard Magazine who was also there was not. His magazine wasn’t a patch on RAD anyway and I think he knew it in his heart. That is all from the UK today

    • David ODK on July 3, 2013 - Reply

      Sean Goff has a shop on ebay now, but is taking it easy in July, hoping to enjoy some sunny days … Sun in the UK? Good luck with that!

      • PIGCITY on July 4, 2013 - Reply

        We are all well aware of Mr Toddtwist and his Ebay wares over here in the primitive dark UK.

        • David odk on July 4, 2013 - Reply

          Belgium is dark too and people here don’t know about ebay and think that paying with cash money is much safer.

          • talentlessquitter on July 4, 2013 -

            Unlike my southern neighbor here, we over here in the Netherlands are civilized and have heard of ebay. And I think paying online is okay.
            On topic; I could easily snatch up one of these lovely counterfeits if I bother to register on these, uuh …craigslist counterfeits. 😉

  2. le bon coin is an international craig list:

    I wish I could search more crappy desks on all sites at the same time !

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