Reissue day

These Powell Peralta reissues are just the tip of the iceberg of what Stacy is pushing in connection with the Bones Brigade documentary. A few items are already sold out. I have… mixed feelings about this. I don’t begrudge these guys the right to make a living, but it seems a little excessive and counterintuitive to the legacy. I don’t know if they need the money or not. Maybe they realize their shelf life is limited at this (amazingly) late stage in their careers, so they’re just trying to get one last payoff. Check out the goods.


  1. talentlessquitter on October 10, 2012 - Reply

    They’re milking it. I can’t really find an opinion on wether they deserved to do so or not. Your last remarks are spot on, Kilwag.
    Boards don’t look like marked as re-issues, apart from the Cabbie. Uh-oh, that’s going to cause more fraud-a-like mayhem on ebay.
    Speaking of; do I smell another overpriced yellow t-shirt? Neil is going to love that one.

    Best is to stop buying McGills or Mullens, new or vintage, at all…

  2. Dave Ill on October 10, 2012 - Reply


  3. DaCancer on October 10, 2012 - Reply

    For FK sake, who would want a re-issue anyway? Those shapes and sizes SUCKED then and they SUCK NOW! Wheel cut outs, Flat NO nose, evolution is the only good thing here.
    Is there any old, fat guys out there haven’t got back on the stupid old boards then got off because he’s got a mortgage, kids and family to support? It’s a waste of marketing, time, energy, but mark my words, Skateboarding is dying again. Scooters and bikes make up the majority in parks these days. Take a look at Glenhaven, Klamath Falls, Tigard, Vancooker, the scene is dying and I’ve seen the light.
    They’re trying one last ditch effort to cash in before the serious CRASH. Stock up on bulk dried goods, barracade yourself in your death bunker, stockpile .22 ammo and let the NEW AGE ZOMBIE apocolyps rip on shred.
    Don’t forget precious metals to trade for the rebuild, silver, copper, nickel. Remember Rice, beans, sugar and the one my buddy trucker joe told me about, LARD. Thats the goods there. Salt, of course and seeds to grow your victory garden. Coffee, cigarettes, and alcohol are going to be needed. I’m not a doctor but medicine, vicodin, oxycotin, penicillin, oh and don’t forget your medijane.
    Oh, funny! The name of my new cannabis store. MEDI-JANE!

    • I dunno, it’s possible that these things are good for skating. Hell, kids like longboards and those stupid plastic cruisers. Maybe for some a slightly bigger board with big fast wheels, a long wheelbase and turny trucks would make more sense. More stable, easier to pump round a concrete skatepark. Who cares if you’re never going to kickflip the thing? most skaters never do. Who knows?, starting to skate without having to learn to ollie before you ever roll down a slope might just get more people into skating.

      • If you can ride it, it’s probably good for skating.

        • I agree. I think these reissues are great. I see TONS of skaters in my neighborhood (granted, I live in Fairfax Village in Los Angeles – probably not a typical example)

          These decks may be pigs but they’re fun for cruising. Honestly, what’s so wrong with old guys riding around on the decks they loved as teens?

    • Skateorbestupid on June 2, 2013 - Reply

      For FK sake, I would! I love them all. From Powell-Peralta, Santa Cruz, Vision, Hosoi, and any other company bringing back their 1980′s decks and wheels. I was never a big fan of these shapeless, popsicle sticks, regardless of function, and I’m not alone in my opinion. My only complaint is that some of the SC and PP aren’t more flat, like the originals. Vision, generally speaking, seems to have released the closest thing to the original decks. I want G&S to release their 80′s decks now.

  4. skidzilla on October 10, 2012 - Reply

    Somebody needs to tell Stacy to bust that wig. He’s bordering on a comb-over.

  5. NWForty on October 10, 2012 - Reply

    If the Bones Documentary had made it to the big screens (nationwide)
    there might not be all of this product related promotion happening.

  6. I once made a comment that was published in Garry Davis’s zine, Skate Fate. I said something like Powell-Peralta decks are flat and their wheels are square. A few days after that zine was published, I got a mean letter from Stacy.

  7. 541Skater on October 10, 2012 - Reply

    How do you tell a remake from the real board? I have that Tony Hawk board, I hope it’s not a fake one…

  8. Tom Miller on October 10, 2012 - Reply

    Thank you. I could write an essay on this. Which would bore nearly everybody but me. I think Friedman said it succinctly: Fuck You Heroes. No disrespect to this amazing generation of skaters that inspired me as an 80s grom. But give this shit a rest. Kowalski and these new kids deserve our attention.

  9. Jeez, just show us the movie already.

  10. Great post Randy. Welcome to America boys.

  11. houseofneil on October 11, 2012 - Reply

    I have mixed feelings on this. It’s the first Powell Hawk and Guerrero reissue, so that is noteworthy. The Cabs and McGills have been reissued forever (along with the Steadham) so I can’t believe that anybody is buying those at all. The surprising thing to me is that the colorways are so blah, apart from the Moutain of course.

    To the person that asked why somebody would want a reissue? Well that is obvious. They can’t afford the $2000 that it would take to buy a Hawk skull to put on the wall. Or a Mountain FP. I can’t believe that anybody is buying these to actually skate. And of course there’s always the aftermarket value. You wouldn’t think there would be any, but there always is. Powell put out a lame Vato rat reissue about 8 years ago. I bought one cos I loved that board. Gave it away it almost immediately. Now t’s fetching upwards of $350 on the bay. So, there’s always that too.

    • talentlessquitter on October 11, 2012 - Reply

      I hope that Vato rat is the exception (instead of a deception, getting all poetic here). I don’t see a lot of Vision re-issues fetching high prices, if they turn up at all. The Guerrero looks best; that graphic really grew on me. 100 bucks seems OK. But how limited is the run? As long as they don’t tell us, I’d skate those boards anyway.
      The Mullen is in the worst possible colorway ever. tHe half-ass blue looks like it has already faded from sunlight.
      Let’s pray the ‘relic’ trend doesn’t reach skateboarding (but surely someone will try this in the next few years): pre-worn boards ‘enriched’ with misplaced stickers! See Fender guitars, UGH, never!

      The most interesting board was that Hawk medallion, if that was an original rider from Tony.

  12. that is the only way I will be able to afford the mountain fp and I am still wavering on buying it for 100, and it sure as hell won’t be a rider

  13. I bought the Guerrero, cause I love the graphic and cant afford the og. I’m from Australia so what was initially a $100 skateboard, quickly turned into a $170 dollar hit. Really Stacy/George? Our dollar is doing quite well atm, so I estimate a postage charge of around $80+ bucks and that dosent include insurance, fuck dude! ripping us off like you did in the 80′s huh. A leopard… I bought it cause I want it, but my mouth and memories are tasting a little sour. Nostalgia and capitalist’s don’t come cheap I guess.

  14. whiners.

    a skateboard deck cost $59 in 1985. most skateboard decks now cost the same, some limited or higher production cost boards cost $100 (royalties in this case).

    find me ONE other commodity that costs the same now as it did in 1985… most things cost 2 or 3 times what they did then.

    so im not complaining. my income is a lot higher than it was in 1985 and i just bought the full reissue set. stoked!

    • crack has always been $10. or so I’ve been told…

    • they were hand pulled screen prints back in the day…….now machine made…explains why the price hasn’t climbed…..these decks are heat transfers….and should cost 50$.

    • Skateorbestupid on June 2, 2013 - Reply

      I completely agree with you, mike d. For something collectible the price is beyond reasonable. In all reality, they could have made these decks $200 and up, but they didn’t.

  15. mike in 1985 things where made in america, the middle class had jobs. now things made in china and all the manufacturing has gone there too.
    i still have a vans shoe box from 1985 , made in u.s.a..
    just saying

    • not sure what that has to do with people complaining about spending $100 on a reissue board but ill bite….

      ive bought $59 decks made in china, mexico, and the US in the past few years so if anything i am even more impressed the cost of a skateboard can remain the same despite the globalization of the industry.

      i cant help remembering something else from the 80s: when everyone was up in arms that everything was “made in japan”, even job security scares can be retro i guess lol!

  16. Has anyone else had the message that they will not ship to the USA when trying to check out on the bones brigade website?

  17. Pointless argument. Buy it or don’t.

    • francisco on October 13, 2012 - Reply

      Arguing is the whole point of the internet, Fitz! Without arguing online the whole ‘Net would collapse.

      On another note, I would not buy any of those decks.

      • Good point. Voting with our dollars is too easy. And besides, where else can we validate the world of skateboarding by dissecting it’s minutae?

        On yet another note, I’d buy the Guerro. I’d rather have an original, but I’d settle for a reissue. Nostaligia runs strong.

  18. I feel like everyone was asking for these reissues. Now we have them and I bought four and am supper stoked to have them.

  19. There is nothing wrong with what they are doing.People have a choice to buy the boards or not.What clowns like rob drydick are doing is far worse.I remember watching the first bones brigade video as a kid and i was so excited to skate.I wont buy them because i cant skate those big boards anymore but if someone wants to collect them why not.Stacy and the boys are proud of what they have done and they should be.Bones makes the best wheels bearings and bushings
    as far as im concerned and a lot of the stuff is still made in the usa.I will go see the movie and im sure i will enjoy it – these guys have been skating at a high level for so long its truly inspirational.Most of the 70″S guys were done in a few years but the bones guys are still killing it ! I have nothing but respect for these guys the boards are for nastalgia but its not like these guys are not still ripping.

  20. I don’t know about all this crap, but their wheels and bearings are amazing. I want to see this movie at some point. Hopefully it’ll end up on ITunes as a rental. One and done.

  21. They probably need the money as they did not score like other professionals in other sports , The skateboard companies milked them dry ! get the originals on ebay worth the wait i could care less about the reissues , I got my original McGill and Jay Smith that rock !!!!!

  22. Hi Guys, We will doing one of the Premieres for the documentary on Friday November 2nd at the Clinton Street Theater 7:00PM. Tickets are on sale at the website. We will be selling each of the decks but have to wait until November 6th to put them on our site You can call us at 503-248-0495 or email us at and we will put you on the wishlist and let you know pricing. Take care and enjoy, Howard

    • It would be a full on time-travel trip to buy a Guerro from Cal Skate. I’d bet Russ sold it to me.

  23. made in China just like your Nikes…go Armstrong.

  24. over the years the more I collected decks, the more pathetic of a hobby it seemed. I kept a couple I had as a kid and sold the rest. It was bitter sweet seeing them go but I’ve never looked back. Now I appreciate the reissues more- not because theyre worth much, I just appreciate companies and riders coming together for appreciative fans- I hope Stacy and the guys make a ton of money

  25. Just got my TWO tommy G decks.
    They are marked 2012 for all you collector nerds.

    N yes. Flat. Wheel cut outs and amazing.

    So hyped. Except I’m a foot n half taller than when I ran these as a lad.


    • And you paid twice as much for the same product. Auntie Larry wonders why, really why, deep down, what purpose does this nostalgia serve? What hole in your life is being filled by this over-priced pap? Auntie Larry hopes you find peace with yourself in 2012

      • Ill tell you Lair Bear,

        I spent my youth on this deck. 8 of them to be exact.
        Double? I don’t think so. 100 bux ain’t shit. N I make $200 just with my shit breaks at work. So yes. I will skate one. Just like my gonz reissue. N I will keep one. Perhaps to sell. Perhaps to give to my children… If I am ever crazy enough to have one.
        Also, I’ve been waiting on this reissue for over 20 to skate it again.
        Fair enough?

        • And ultimately, it’s really nobodies’ business, but your own, how and on what you spend your money.

          • Auntie Larry sounds like he’s broke and full of holes. Too bad. Prolly paid too much for a car, a house and is buried in debt.

          • Of course it is. As soon as someone shares their ‘scores’ on the internet on a public forum, Auntie Larry and anyone else, has the right the comment.

        • Auntie Larry would love for you to fill one of holes. Perhaps you’d like to pay for his out of date/ over priced stick of wood?

        • Auntie Larry would like to know how hard of a time you are having letting your youth slip, slip away, like tears in the rain. Auntie Larry cries with you.

          • AL Is a bitter poser with holes in his pocket.

            Weird you jumped on this forum to try n clown me.

            Only beef you have is the price. Get a job n stop crying.

            These are sold out and you are jealous.

  26. Auntie Larry is wondering why Ctrl is feeling the need to defend himself and justify his purchase? against a ‘poser?’ Auntie Larry would like to see Ctrl earn $200 on your ‘shit break’ though. Pray tell Crtl, you rich and handsome old man, you.

    • A search of your name shows you are a sad troll.

      I’m sure your parents want you to move out of their basement.

      Good luck yo.

      • Auntie Larry is funny here on S&A.

      • Houseofneil on December 24, 2012 - Reply

        Auntie Larry rules. You need to stop being so thin skinned. And for the love of god stop boasting about how much money you make. It makes you look like a gangsta douchebag.

        • HON,

          AL BRought up $$$. I did not.

          Also, talking shit while referring to yourself in the third person is twisted.

          I’m over it.

          Bottom line. Been waiting to skate this deck again for decades.

          My skin thickness is fine. I’m a comedian myself.

          Happy holidays skate heads.


        • Fitz likes Auntie Larry’s CTRL of the exchange.

  27. Let Auntie Larry go Ctrl. Like your youth, you’ll never catch him. You are old and dying and Tommy G, ain’t going to slow it down.

    We are all posers, Ctrl. Even Auntie Larry. Skateboading is one big pose. A silly little game to make up for the fact we have no Ctrl.

  28. It’s important to have a great deal of money. And to show others how freely you can spend it. I make a handsome living myself, and recently, I ate two chicken-fried steaks.

    I’m full for now, but I’m looking to the future, and hoping to be able to buy some more useless crap soon. I’ve heard the reissue market is booming, and I’d love to throw some coin around, but I just keep getting outbid. Once the price climbs over $10, I just can’t justify it. Reissues are pretty sweet, but I can get a nice chickenfried steak for $10. It’s a case of priorities, man!

  29. That’s yet to be seen, Kilwag…. Maybe he should do stand up.

    I think Fitz is more funny.

  30. Riffbear on December 23, 2012 - Reply

    Are these re issue decks actually limited or not?

    • Houseofneil on December 24, 2012 - Reply

      2500 each color way. There’s gonna be 4 color ways per deck. 10,000 decks total.

  31. I have vintage Powell boards and I also have the Skate One re-issues. From what I can tell you, the spoon nose SP2 re-issues, with Independent 169 trucks, ratbones 60mm 85a 2005 re-issue wheels with Bones Swiss bearings are the sweetest riding boards. They ride much better than my vintage boards. They are lighter, and I’m 40 years old.

    • Brothervigilante on March 7, 2013 - Reply

      I have the Tony Hawk with the same setup, very nice to ride. Sweet in the bowl. Ride em, don’t hide em.

      • Skateorbestupid on June 2, 2013 - Reply

        Ride em, don’t hide em, is right. I’m with you Brothervigilante!

    • Skateorbestupid on June 2, 2013 - Reply

      @Shaggieshapiro, I love the set up.

  32. Skateorbestupid on June 2, 2013 - Reply

    Face it, 80′s colectibles are a big market, and anyone around back then, and experienced that decade should know why. It was an awesome and fun time to be young, and the collectible market shows this. From 80′s toys to these reissue decks and skate gear, people are loving it and eating it up, and I’m happy to say I’m one of those people.

  33. carvin marvin on June 2, 2013 - Reply

    i’m buying up scooters to sell back to the scooter kids for when they get fat and forty

  34. Love the reissues….wish they were more clearly marked to sort out which is which. They never bothered to make die cuts available. To me that is a major flaw with the Powell re-issues. It really makes me wonder what they were thinking. Was it too much hassle ? Major screw up.

  35. I welcome all reissues because as much as I like to collect I want to ride them. I’m not setting up some NOS deck I paid $$$ for but a reissue for a reasonable price and I’m on it. I know the point is mute now that its a year and three series of colors later but I would much rather pay $100 bucks for a guerrero then what I paid and sold the last one I owned for. I mean shit it just looked nice on the wall and I wouldn’t dare ride it for what I paid for it. You can bet your ass now that I can get one for $85 in some cases that I’m on it like stink on shit.

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