Just when you thought it couldn’t get any weirder. Here’s a video from the guy who started the Trampskate company. It’s basically a funky set of trucks you can mount to a board and use to practice skateboard moves on the grind rail next to your specialliy inclined trampoline. On the one hand, it’s great to see someone chasing their dreams and making something where nothing existed before. On the other hand… WTF???? I thought it was a goof at first, but the the amount of effort spent precludes it from being an elaborate joke. I mean, he sells actual manufactured goods over at

– Thanks to Eric from Rockford


  1. lou sassel on September 30, 2010 - Reply


  2. This would be fun to go and play on for a few minutes, but ultimately it’s trampolining with a skateboard. It’s only interesting for so long.

    If I had the money and room for one of those trampolines, I’d just put in a mini ramp.

  3. In order to accommodate the full use of these devices, you have to create custom rails and funboxes for a trampoline. Correct?

    I have used a skate deck (and a snowboard with duct tape on the edges) on a trampoline before, and wasn’t affected by a lack of a $39.95 amalgamated plastic piece of junk. I even landed a kickflip!

    Solution- build a ramp if you are that bored. It’s more fun than making a website, designing a plastic product, filming a video…

  4. talentlessquitter on September 30, 2010 - Reply

    Right,like we all have room for a trampoline at home.
    I guess he’s the tramp?Sure has a lot of friends in his vid.
    There is a reason why skaters don’t do this (besides from getting expelled from playgrounds with ‘tramps’);it’s TOO EASY.
    And you’re missing out on that special feeling of landing on a rolling vehicle,a lot harder.
    And all flips but no grabs? Lazyass!

  5. talentlessquitter on September 30, 2010 - Reply

    Sounds like Blondie btw…

  6. i hate tv on September 30, 2010 - Reply

    holyfucking lameness…why bother??? it could’nt possibly help you skate anymore than it will help you get more hurt when trying a real board on the street or ramp.

  7. WTF is right. They don’t even have my truck size.

  8. i hate tv on September 30, 2010 - Reply

    they make those carpet fake trucks already anyway

  9. Where can I buy a “Tramp Skate or die” shirt?

    Trampskating is not a crime.

  10. I thought tramp skating was something different… like bitches on boards or sumchit…

  11. do these require a tramp stamp?

  12. What the fuck,this is absolutely fucking mental. The amount of time this guy has invested in this video alone is pure madness.

  13. Do you guys think that Woodward will put this in their facilities?

  14. did andy mac invent this?

  15. talentlessquitter on September 30, 2010 - Reply

    Does Rob’s Fantasy Factory have a trampoline?

  16. for me the worst part is that i will never know the joy of landing kickflip out of back tail and this weirdo can do it on trampoline. what a waste of time and …well, skills?

  17. Old Men; Think Young!! (even though that dude looks above that age). Just like nailing your shoes to your deck or tieing a rope around the middle of your deck. When we couldn’t pull ollies,…. we so wanted to feel like we could.

    Dude is scared of hitting solid ground on his bails…maybe this is how we can all deal with keeping up with that feeling

  18. I think trampolines are dangerous, and my kid is not allowed on them

  19. Another soft trucks look alike

  20. syko fimlz on June 6, 2011 - Reply

    does anyone have the tramps skate trucks and bought them off this site and how do u put them on your skateboard please answer back

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