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Hey everyone, quit reading this blog and head on over to Disposable: random essays on skateboard art. Take this extra on the passing of Bernie Tostenson. Bernie did some great graphics for Sims before starting Brand X. Brand X had a crappy wood shop, but the the screen printing was second to none. For instance, I have a Brand X Weirdo hanging on my wall in my living room. I’ve looked at it thousand times, and tried to dissect the print work that went into it. I figured it was 6-8 colors with a few blends in it, because when I contemplated the larger possibilities, it gave me a headache. I couldn’t handle the truth. Twelve colors? Holy cow. I learned that on Cliver’s Disposable blog. Add him to your bookmarks. The Disposable blog makes a great companion to the book that is a great companion to the first book.


  1. Vegetable Lasagna on November 19, 2009 - Reply

    I ordered a board from Brand-X when I was in high school and it hadn’t shown up in a while so I called them up, or they called me, not sure. Anyway, they ended up flowing me 4 boards for the price of one. It might have been Bernie I spoke with, can’t remember.

    Two of the boards were smaller “street” decks, definitely ahead of their time. These are the only decks that never broke on me. They were similar to powell’s, kinda flat and heavy, but really strong. That skull and cross-bones deck used to glow in the dark if I’m not mistaken.

  2. Awww man i just read that Burnie passed away… I haven’t seen him in years and only spoke to him by phone 3 years ago when he wanted me to help track down his wife who took his daughter and left him, Tragic Story..anyhow, I met Burnie back in early ’84 when i was working with Chuck Barfoot. Chuck and Burnie were friends having worked together with Sims. If i remember right, Barfoot was spraying the original layer of paint onto Burnies boards before he silk screened them or Maybe it was Chuck actually cutting out Bernies boards too? IT’s all a blur but somehow Burnie and Barfoot were doing things together. I remember shooting some early ads for Brand X.. a few were taken at the Ramp in the woods in Ventura built by Rob Bjorklund and Mark Partain and the crew.. One ad i did for Burnie was to take one of his Brand X tshirts and we nailed it to a brick wall using big spikes.. Burnie was a great artist and i’m pretty sure invented a way to screen on the first skateboards with kicktails, which was difficult with the curve. Once i remember he owned me $100 for an ad i shot, IT took him forever to pay and he ended up sending Iverson his partner over to my house early in the morning and throwing a rock at my window to wake me.. RIP Brother Burnie… You’ll be missed and not forgotten

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