Skitch Hitchcock model

Skitch Hitchcock model

After probably a 30 year gap, there’s another Skitch Hitichock model out. This model made by Skate Designs looks like a pretty nice cruiser, complete with wheel wells. I want to say that Skitch the guy who invented the gorrila grip, but I’m not sure. Proceeds from the model will help Skitch with some life threatening medical needs. Video and pics of vintage Skitch after the jump.

– Thanks to Craig Snyder for the tip.

Here’s an old Skitch Hitchcock model I found on the NCDSA site, where you can view it much larger.

Skitch Hitchcock deck from the 70\'s

Here’s some video of Skitch from YouTube. The user doesn’t give the details, but I’m guessing this is from Spinnin’ Wheels or Freewheelin’. UPDATE: It’s from Spin’in Wheels, which has been remastered and rereleased on DVD.


  1. skaterdave on November 7, 2008 - Reply

    After Duane broke his collarbone on the “loop of life”, Skitch helped devise a track system whereby the skateboard was locked to a track and if you held on to the nose and tail, you couldn’t fall off…still pretty scary looking, but super lame after D had done it right. That show never hit the road as I recall. I can’t remember what it was called…it had some crazy plotline with aliens or something and fog machines and laser light show whatnot and costumes that had to make it harder to skate….

  2. I think the production was called Skateboardmania.
    They should revive that show starring the Duane Peters of today.

  3. History 101 on November 8, 2008 - Reply

    Hey, let’s talk about Skitch for a moment. Duane never actually made the loop, meaning to roll out of it like a hot wheels track, and he has stated this in a JUICE interview. He used an airbag then broke his collarbone on the no-airbag attempt. Skitch was historically the first skater to make a full loop, and in spite of the track this was still gnarly, and considering it was the late 70s way ahead of what Tony Hawk and Bob Burnquist would do almost 2 decades later. Skitch has a long list of accomplishments and influence, both through skating and equipment design.

  4. Hobie Sundancer?

  5. Breaking your collarbone while attempting a loop is way more gnarly, then actually making the loop while on a track. It’s kind of like having training wheels on a bicycle.
    Skitch was a great skateboarder and one you don’t often hear about from back then.
    Now if his name would have been Screech, and he threw up at all the contests, people would know who he was.

  6. Do the Sundancers ever come for sale? How much? Thanks…

  7. jim crooks on January 16, 2010 - Reply

    was awesome to see vintage Skitch Hitchcock model. I have a vintage board, model 1, mint condition. Will be willing to part with if right bid comes along. E-mail if you are intereted.

  8. I have a vintage skitch hitchcock model 1 skateboard been keeping at my home in san diego for sale make me a offer

  9. We honor him every year at Skitchfest.

    Google it.

    I dare you.

  10. Valhalla on August 7, 2011 - Reply

    I’m still looking for a Skitch Hitchcocks Hobie to buy
    If you have one and want to sell please contact

  11. Valhalla on August 7, 2011 - Reply

    Looking to buy

    Hobie Skateboards
    Hobie Maherajah
    Hobie Skitch Hitchcock
    Hobie Waffle

    Please contact

  12. I have an all original maherajah skateboard in as new condition that I’m selling.

  13. Valhalla on October 11, 2011 - Reply

    Can you contact me about your Hobie Maherajah.

  14. Hell's Gazelles on October 27, 2014 - Reply

    Skitch Hitchcock was the man. I had his fiberglass ride back in about 1974, that new model is gorgeous. I saw him with Team Hobie at the Woodfield Sear’s do a demo, he did his gorilla grip off the ramp for a finale, everyone was stoked.

  15. I own a red/yellow World Champion “High Performance Fiberglass” Skitch Hitchcock Model. This was back when all the skaters were surfers. I owned a Geoff Prindle Surfboard by Pelican Mountain from the same era. The OC was equally as badass as Dogtown.

  16. Man if guys could still skate like this I’d have no problem with my fantasy production of Starlight Express where the entire set is a city raceway designed as a skateboard ramp and the performers are on boards; not rollerblades.

  17. I have a homemade molded fiberglass skateboard that skitch made for me back in the 70’s one is drilled the other is still in the out of mold condition that still needs to be cut and sanded to be completed. Both were made by skitch for me. If any one is interested e-mail me your offer.

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