Unbeatable Banzuke skateboard obstacle course

Unbeatable Banzuke Skateboard

Unbeatable Banzuke is a physical obstacle course Japanese game show (Kinniku Banzuke) that airs in reruns on the G4 network in the US. Apparently the original show was cancelled in 2002 after two contestants suffered serious spinal cord (OK, cervical vertebrae) injuries. The “Skeboarder” episode features a skateboard obstacle course that looks like Grover’s wet dream. An enterprising individual has captured some of it in the time honored fashion of pointing a video camera at the TV. Check it out after the jump. G4’s site has some footage but they don’t do anything to make it easy for you to find out when a particular episode will be on. “TV that’s plugged in?” Hardly. The course looks really fun, actually. One of the contestants has his occupation listed as “Skateboard Salesman.” I wonder if he goes door to door. – Thanks to Rich for the tip.


  1. colin walsh rules on May 5, 2008 - Reply


  2. Nobody cares about that. There are plenty of other roster hopping web sites for that kind of stuff.

  3. sleezyskates on May 5, 2008 - Reply

    but did he change cell phone sponsors?

  4. Japan is awesome.

  5. orezona on May 5, 2008 - Reply

    x-games “super-eXXXXXtreme-park”!

    Throw in some pungee stick filled pits and it’s ratings, ratings, RATINGS, baby!

  6. That looks so fun… I would love to skate the whole course

  7. that shit’s fuckin gay!!!
    i could do that like nothin
    shit’s dumb!!!
    bring that shit over here i’ll git that chit main!

  8. America’s great skaters need to go and show them how it’s done.

  9. G4 Inc. had YouTube take down the TV to cam footage link, extra weak!

  10. You all suck try to go over there an do that shit, u mad bro?

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