SOTW 5-12-08: Parking garage antics

SOTW 5-12-08: Parking Garage

This weeks Shot of the Week is from an Urbana, Illinois parking garage street skating session circa 1988. The skater has since changed his name, and would probably prefer not to be identified, but we can call him Karl. Notice he has ollied on to the hood of this car via a nice cheat where you place your hand on top of the object and scoop the board up and over as you ollie and once your weight has transferred onto your hand. For those of us who weren’t Natas, that’s how you had to do it back then. No that car doesn’t belong to either myself or Karl. This was a pure dick move that I encouraged Karl to do, and he did it well. The brashness of youth.

Check out the full size Shot of the Week.


  1. houseofneil on May 14, 2008 - Reply

    aah Karl. Good lad. Loved the paint pen. Rode a Schmitt Stix ripsaw.

  2. love the Schmitt ripsaw. I gots one

  3. If only Officer Joey was around to cheer you dudes on. The ripsaw mini was my street stick of choice. Sure wish PS would make that ripsaw mini again.

  4. the full size is good! a mini would be nice too

  5. He did ride the ripsaw, but not in this shot. Maybe it was earlier than I thought.

  6. houseofneil on May 14, 2008 - Reply

    I know that before that he had a Powell Lance Mountain FP.

    If you are trying to decipher the paint pen graffiti on top, it says “pervert nurse”. DI were his favorite band for about 5 minutes. I guess he liked all other Rikk Agnew stuff too, hence the Adolescents tag on the tail of the board.

  7. colin walsh rules on May 19, 2008 - Reply

    is he board sliding or doing a nose wheeeeeeelie? adolescents are rad the dude that play bass tommy soso or somthing he is very fat and rad.

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