Skateboard Summer Camp

Skateboard Summer Camp

There are large corporate type skateboard summer camps that everyone knows about, but if you want to stay closer to home (Unless you live in Poland) or closer to your (parent’s) hard earned cash, there are usually local options available. The Department (of Skateboarding) has been doing these for a while, and Windells too. Raise you hand if you’ve ever been hit with the buzkill of having a busload of kids show up at your favorite skatepark. I’ve got mixed emotions about pay-to-skate facilities bussing kids around to neighborhood parks. But what about your local Parks and Recreation district? Well they operate the parks (in most cases) so it makes perfect sense. Portland Parks and Recreation has a series of skate camps and learn to skate events going on this summer. You can get details here It’s a PDF link, and you have to sift through it to get all the relevant info, but one interesting thing is that there’s an event planned at Burnside, of all places. Some might find that inappropriate, while others might recognize this as an important step in maintaining relations with the city and a skatepark that is technically still existing on a trial basis. Ok, two more interesting bits, there’s a beginner’s session and an all girls skate jam too.

From Portland Parks and Recreation documents:

Skate the best parks in the world!

That’s right, Oregon is home to several of the greatest skateparks ever built. Take the tour & find out for yourself! Whether you are just learning how to Ollie, carve transitions or are already kick flipping & blasting airs off vert, this will keep you stoked while improving your balance, mechanics, riding skills & control.

M-F 9am-4pm $155* Ages: 12-16

180 Skate – North
6/16-6/20 Crs#: 262813
*Pier Park

180 Skate – East
6/23-6/27 Crs#: 262814
*Oregon City

180 Skate – South
6/30-7/3* Crs#: 262815 $124 No Camp 7/4

180 Skate – West
7/7-7/11 Crs#: 262816
*Cannon Beach

All skateboarding activities will meet at Holly Farm Skate park (10819 SW Capitol Hwy). Bring
your own skateboard and gear. Loaner boards and helmets available. Parents must sign Emergency
Contact Forms. For more information call 503.823.2847 or

Holly Farm Skatepark Programs

Spin Your Wheels Beginner Skate Clinic
5/17 1pm – 3pm $8.00
6/21 1pm – 3pm $8.00

All Girl Skate Jam
5/31 1pm – 3pm


  1. Actually, that Meatballs film…er movie, was shot at the camp where I went to Arts Camp in Haliburton Ontario when I was in high school.

    And besides the tennis courts, there’s nothing that I remember that would be skateable.

  2. nweyesk8 on May 12, 2008 - Reply

    the city of corvallis is advertising for a skateboard instructor for their parks and recs summer kids activities…..

  3. All I care about is making lanyards

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