80’s Zine Archives: Way High Kick Turn #1

Way High Kick Turn #1

I love a zine with a good punchline for a title. Way High Kick Turn #1 is another one from the collection of John Drummond. There’s even a couple photos of him skating in there. There’s no date on the zine anywhere, but it does say that Zack Grove finished 2nd in the AM spot of the CASL Del Mar competion on May 16th. We could date it from a CASL schedule if anyone has one. Way High Kick Turn was published out of Moraga, California by Garry Mcleod and Marc Saito. James Carter is listed as the publisher. Garry Mcleod was in charge of photography, with additional submissions from Erick Elleson, Luke Ogden and Brian Temmerand. Way High Kick Turn #1 is 24 half letter sized pages on white paper from a copier with some sort of photo screening capability. The subtitle on the cover is “Picture Book,” and that’s what it is fro the most part. What little text present (mostly captions) is typewritten. I’m not sure, but it appears that this is a copy of a copy. Some of the pages have tell-tale artifacts on them, and it looks like one of them wasn’t lined up properly in the copier. It affects two pages, but I realigned one of them. In any case, the copy was probably made not long after the original came out, since it’s yellowed with age as well.

This scene was 100% vert ramp action.

Featuring: James Carter, Marc Saito, Bod Boyle, Steve Douglas, Jeff hedges, Greg Aguilar, John “Livmo” Drummond, Ben Peligrino, Steve Caballero, Zack Grove, Lawrence Walker, J.J. Valera, John Harris, Ken Harris, Kristy, Tom Bertinuson, Chris Lowe

Spots: Grapefruit Ramp BBQ, Chicken Ramp

Honorable Mentions: Concrete Jungle Skateshop, Metropolitan Life & Rogers/Pacific furnished the copiers. Tom Bertinuson of “Skaterdater” – not sure if he’s affiliated with the film or what. Chris Lowe gets props for being aggro and not wearing pads. A name change is said to be coming, but I don’t know why, because “Way High Kick Turn” is pretty funny.

Check out Way High Kick Turn #1

UPDATE: Comments moved to the gallery.


  1. Livmo on May 15, 2008 - Reply

    Randy, you and Neil will appreciate these;


  2. houseofneil on May 15, 2008 - Reply

    great find, thanks.

  3. Wow. Don’t you feel like a sucker for sending yours to me? BTW, I lost them all…. errr sorry.

    I was just wondering if old zines were worth anything. It looks like they are worth about $12.50 a piece in lots of seven. Actually, that’s not enough to convince me to sell mine. Good news, I just found yours.

  4. Yeah Gary’s ramp!! Those were great times.
    I saw Saito at the old Milpitas Vans years ago still ripping the vert ramp. Sweet Moraga memories.

  5. Wasn’t the same Skater Dater Tom Bertinuson on America’s Most Wanted?!?

  6. Livmo on May 15, 2008 - Reply

    I was surprised they went for that amount. I figured my $42 snipe bid was a splurge and I was gonna win for sure. Obviously two other guys thought otherwise.

  7. Yea, ol’ Moraga skatin’ days. Gary’s ramp, Fricks ramp, Smiths ramp, the new bank, Ho-Ho’s …… good times. Seeing that mag just brought back all kinds of memories…

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