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Lake Delton, WI

Checking back on the Lake Delton, Wisconsin skatepark we mentioned last fall, and it looks like Dreamland finished ahead of schedule due to a span of unseasonable good weather. Good news for locals right? Not so much. Dreamland finished work on October 30th, but shortly thereafter Wisconsin got back on track with a deep frost, and local contractors are unable to finish the parking lot and walkways. As is often the case in these situations, the park is officially closed until the work can be finished in Spring of this year. I have to have to believe it is being barged though. (It is. The police are handing out criminal tresspassing violations.) It’s in the 30’s this week in Lake Delton, and when I lived in the Midwest, that was prime winter skating weather. Although now that seems insane to me. Dreamland’s site isn’t updated with the final plan or pictures, but the semi official web site for the skatepark has info on the park (No bikes or scooters, directions, etc..) as well as gallery of pictures. Breaking news, looks like they are still fishing for donations to finish the surrounding area. Lake Delton is asking for gravel, fencing and concrete among other items. There’s a few videos of Dreamland crew finishing and riding the park after the jump.

Lake Delton Wisconsin skatepark.

Construction montage. October 9th 2007

Construction video. October 15th 2007

Construction montage. October 16th 2007

Riding Lake Delton. Oct 18, 2007

What the hell else is there to do in Lake Delton?

You’re 10 minutes away from the premier Midwest tourist attraction known as the Wisconsin Dells, so go check out Tommy Bartlett’s Water Show.

Tommy Bartlett

Ride the ducks man!


  1. Greg N on March 11, 2008 - Reply

    “No bikes or scooters”
    Sounds like they take skateboarding seriously there. How refreshing.

  2. 24Carrot on March 11, 2008 - Reply

    I can’t wait to shred this park. I’m a half hour away in the capital of Wi. Madison. Which by the way does not have a public park as of now. I will be spending all my shred time here and I can’t wait

  3. why not bikes. whats so bad about bikes at a skatepark

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