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  1. Hateboard on March 15, 2008 - Reply

    grover’s kid wont eat worms. i know cuz we tried.

  2. Next time I see you Conahan, I’m giving you all the free stickers you want…….HUGS!

  3. colin walsh rules on March 16, 2008 - Reply

    these comics suck… sorry but the truth hurts…

  4. They suck so much they one of the most popular things on site.

  5. colin walsh rules on March 16, 2008 - Reply

    how do u know if it is popular or not?

  6. colin walsh rules on March 16, 2008 - Reply

    Create and example of an ethical issue that might confront an anthropologist, and explore how it could be resolved..?

  7. colin walsh rules on March 16, 2008 - Reply

    I was going to skate aumsville today too damnit!@# now im stuck doing mindless H/W… i forgot what the summer feels like, last week was a tease…

  8. cskate on March 16, 2008 - Reply

    I like em.

  9. colin, randy knows what people click on on this site. thats no brainer:-)

  10. oh, and i like them too.

  11. We sometimes get the breezes. Colin Walsh, do you live under a bridge by any chance?

    A dude I had never met came up to me today and told me how much he liked my comic. Would you mind telling me what you don’t like about the comic? I might agree with your criticisms and try to improve.

  12. MC they’re yours, Man… no improvement necessary… and they rock. Keep ’em coming.

  13. Colin Walsh is mostly jealous cause has has no creative outlet other than negativity. Talk about being annoyed.

  14. MC’s comics rule! Wish Mellow Cat was still being made. Hey MC, how about a Mellow Cat tribute?

  15. Mellow Cat… bleccch.. Interesting only from a historical point. Good for illustrating the stereotype of the 70’s. Please don’t bring it back.

    To answer your question Colin Walsh, although they don’t always receive a lot of comments, Mark’s comics are almost always mentioned whenever the site is talked about or linked to. I consider myself lucky yto be able to present them. But you can’t please everyone. MC’s comics are often at odds with my own editorial stance, but if everyone had the same viewpoint things would be boring.

  16. You have an editorial stance? Goofy or Regular?

  17. MC’s Comics Rock!

  18. Greg N on March 17, 2008 - Reply

    The Comics… Love em. Its the honesty thats the really impressive.

  19. enemy combatant on March 17, 2008 - Reply

    I would characterize Kilwag’s editorial stance as Incoherent!

  20. colin walsh rules on March 17, 2008 - Reply

    maybe just better art, i dont know for some reason i just dont find them funny… maybe relate them to stuff that is happening around oregon? i dont know i jsut read em, its not like im saying i can make better ones, i just think they could be better, better art, or i dont know fuck it

  21. Hey! The peanut gallery is back!

    In the immortal words of Charlie Brown, “Oh brother.”

  22. colin walsh rules on March 17, 2008 - Reply

    i have a charlie brown jacket, its pretty sweet.

  23. colin walsh rules on March 17, 2008 - Reply

    http://www.bcskateboardingalliance.org ~~~~~~the ART/MUSIC SHOW was a huge success, netting a profit of over $3,500 for the NEW corvallis skatepark that would possible be located in avery park, where the old vert ramp was.. check out their web site and their myspace pace for pics of the event!!! stay tuned to the web site for future fundraisers. next even will be held on 4-20-2008 possibly at the skate park. check in and donate any spare change!!!!!

  24. I meant to post about that, actually. Danimal sent me the info, but it got lost in the shuffle. Of course I’d be more sympathetic if they weren’t heckling SnA on the forums there.

  25. Hateboard on March 17, 2008 - Reply

    love the comics.
    dislike colin walsh.
    and colin, since yer a dumbass kiddie, i guess you cant appreciate the fact that these comics are representative not only of the internal dialogues of skateboarders within oregon but worldwide for dudes that have paid their dues in blood and fear. someday when your balls drop you too will understand. its not the art that matters (even though i like it cuz it reminds me of mr. lettuce bee’s adventures) its whats going on withing the art and what drives it. dont hate because you cant relate, son.

  26. Hateboard on March 17, 2008 - Reply

    ps: i’m awesome.

  27. “But I do bail a lot.”

    If we didn’t, we wouldn’t progress.

  28. colin walsh rules on March 18, 2008 - Reply

    dont hate cause you cant relate….right…. maybe when im an old fart i’ll write shitty comics too,

  29. colin walsh rules on March 18, 2008 - Reply

    Well, if you “guys” are all about oregon skateboarding and cool shit like comics, then why dont you support the BCSA?? do you old farts really not want another park en rout to the coast? that is actually worth stopping at… i know a lot of people do… if u dont like me sweet, but help out the BCSA! they need it, we need it, their goal is to have the quickest skatepark completion from the first day of donations to the ribbon cutting,hopefully T-minus 18 months……ANY DONATIONS HELP.. even if it is art for them to sell at the shows….Hey, maybe your sweet comics would sell….thanks for reading my ramble ha!

  30. colin walsh rules on March 18, 2008 - Reply

    Union salting and right-to-work laws how sweet

  31. Danimal on March 18, 2008 - Reply

    kilwag’s point is that you wrote heckling comments on the bcsa site about this site Colin. you catch more flies with honey than vinegar

    Anyway, I threw in some cash for the bcsa the other day and plan to help out more since i live in corv as well. i agree with colin, help a brother out, the bcsa guys seem to be on the right track and hopefully can avoid all the city’s BS and get somethin rad built this time around.

  32. colin walsh rules on March 18, 2008 - Reply

    yeah its going to be sweet, next show will be @ the skate park on 4-20, danimal, did u go to the art show and music @ odd fellows??.. BCSA for life

  33. nweyesk8 on March 18, 2008 - Reply

    i couldnt make the show, prior commitments, but i did donate as much art as i could. I hope it sold……

  34. Danimal on March 18, 2008 - Reply

    I missed the show too, family responsibilities and all, so i threw in some cash instead. i’m planning on going to the next event though. What are they planning at the park? music/skate jam? sounds good. i rarely run into those dudes cuz i dont skate the corv park much at all.

  35. Such a public spirited guy, You donated to the Lincoln City fundraiser right Colin Wa1sh?

  36. damienhialation on March 18, 2008 - Reply

    “Such a public spirited guy, You donated to the Lincoln City fundraiser right Colin Wa1sh?”

    funny shit!

  37. orezona on March 20, 2008 - Reply

    man, the easiest way to turn people off to your cause is to come off like an asshole.

    The thing you probably aren’t aware of is that you need to swallow your pride Colin and think for 2 seconds about the people who read this website. They’ve put in thousands of hours into getting municipal skateparks built. You’re on your first one, right? Good for you. I honestly hope Corvallis gets a decent park because I grew up in Newport and have been there tons of times. My buddy Raven lives there now and I’m sure he’s interested in what you’re doing.

    Try to remember that while it’s funny to be some “internet persona” that’s quick to interject a snide remark or cut someone else down to look cool, it doesn’t make people open up their wallets for your skatepark fund any quicker. I’m 29 and I spent 7 years to get the little bit of crete in Newport back in 2000. I was nice to everyone I thought who would be interested because I believed in what I was doing and wanted every scrap of support I could find.

    MC, I’ve enjoyed your comics since I first discovered them through Shawn Reinert’s suggestion to check out your site. I think you have solid place here on SnA. I respect your talent on and off the board. I’ll thank Shawn the next time I talk to him for directing me to antigravitypress. Cheers. -Andy

  38. Jakeandannoy on March 20, 2008 - Reply


  39. orezona on March 21, 2008 - Reply


    “An imposition of a tax”, kind of Levy, or the alternate spelling of” Levi”?

    Just Andy here.

  40. Colin Walsh is taxing MC’s patience.

  41. Jakeandannoy on March 21, 2008 - Reply

    I think last name is actually spelled like “levy” but you answered my question, none the less.
    Suprised you’ve not heard of him, been in the scene in AZ for years and homeboy rips. Just curious if you were him-havent seen him in almost 10 years.

  42. corncobcock on March 23, 2008 - Reply

    do a cartoon where an elbow pad talks to a beer can and they live in Corvallis… that shit would be funny. signed, Billy Ruffballs

  43. cskate on March 23, 2008 - Reply

    “do a cartoon where an elbow pad talks to a beer can and they live in Corvallis… that shit would be funny. signed, Billy Ruffballs”

    That would be awesome.

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