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Jeff Phillips

Man, I had to get some actual skating up on this site today. Sonny Robertson sent in a few pictures a long time ago:

…my favorite part of skating has always been that sense of identity in time, place, friends, music, etc. that comes from a scene, be it centered around a ditch, a ramp, skatepark, etc. We had a ramp in our small town YMCA – the Box Ramp – that was in a raquetball court, touching all four walls, and we would get people dropping in from all over the place and it was just so great to be a part of. And then to go to Dallas or Houston and see the scenes at places like the Clown Ramp, which was in a sketchy-ass section of town, was just the coolest. The whole Zorlac scene was just nuts. Wish I had been a little older at the time.

I have plans to add a section that will roughly equate to “this is/was your scene” but you know how it goes with so-called plans. Rather than let them rot in my inbox (?) I’ve posted them here for your enjoyment. I’m holding out one of them for a future Shot of the Week. Yeah, that’s Jeff Phillips. More after the jump.

Photos from Sonny Robertson

I think there are some more in my inbox somewhere. I seem to recall a Dan Wilkes shot or two. I’ll dig them up for a rainy day. Until then, enjoy these.

Jeff Phillips – Flux
Jeff Phillips

Jeff Phillips – Flux
Jeff Phillips

Jeff Phillips – Flux
Jeff Phillips

David Nielsen – Houston

Jeff Phillips – Box Ramp


  1. cool pics. RIP Jeff. Chicago Blowout was the first vid I ever owned and Jeff was interviewed in that.

  2. great pics! Phillips always a fave. Check the Haro pads on Nielsen, I’d forgotten about those.

  3. john aguilar on February 10, 2008 - Reply

    Great pics!!! jeff was and is one of the best skaters ever!!! RIP

  4. my favorite vert skbrdr ever.

  5. Alvaro Fazio on February 11, 2008 - Reply

    I agree, the best vert skaeboarder ever.

  6. […] been made for me, thanks to the generous loan of one Sonny Robertson, whose pictures have appeared once, twice , three times (…a lady). You can look forward to such titles as Preparation S, Dirt […]

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