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People are always hitting me up for my sticker collection, which isn’t for sale. Some people have actually gotten bent out of shape about the sticker gallery, saying that it makes it easy for people to flood the eBay market with counterfeit stickers. I have no empathy for that, stickers are just little pieces of colored vinyl. They don’t need to be kept behind glass in a museum – No photos please! Every once and a while I get some scans of stickers via email to add to the gallery. A few kind souls have even mailed me the actual stickers. (I swear I’ll get them posted!) Sometimes people just want to trade, like Flickr user theoneholyghost, who has an extensive collection of doubles that ranges from 80’s to the 90’s. He’s got 50 photos with at at least 10 stickers to a photo, and these are the doubles in his collection! Then there’s Mobb Skates. You may have seen their logo, which looks like but is unaffiliated with the old Christian Hosoi line. I just got an unsolicited envelope full of stickers from Mobb and no explanation. I guess they are trying to save me.

If you’ve ever wondered what the hell (pun intended) was the deal with Mobb Skates, now you know.

Mobb Skates


  1. Hell- exactly where is that again? Yesterday at N-berg a little kid asked 3 year-old Jack Grover if he was a christian.

  2. Just tell me you weren’t the winning bidder for that $410 Billy Ruff sticker.

  3. That sticker looks like the skater is either on the toilet or getting sodomized by the cross, the later of which I’m sure has happened to some non-believer in the past.

  4. Im pretty sure that some young unfortunate christian boys have experienced the same pleasure that cross is bringing to that sodomized skater…

  5. im still waiting for my g&s sticker to get posted mr gawlik….

  6. There’s a lot of ( A TON ) of good stickers at, but I find the flash thing totally distracting and a lot of the scans are fuzzy, or maybe that’s just the Flash interpolating. I think I had that site flagged for a post eventually.

    LP- see the part in the intro where I say “(I swear I’ll get them posted!)”

  7. oh kilwag my man, i was just kidding, though its been months. i know its raining up there most of the time, so quit playing tiddlywinks!

  8. Oh yeah?!!! Well take those free stickers and well, uh, nevermind.

  9. ha ha wag, no i love the sna stickers. thanks bud and have good weekend.

  10. One at a time…

    GnS blender sticker

    Yeah, Chris’s collection at Old School Skateboarding. Remember when I emailed you about including your stickers in the SnA gallery? It must have been a good 2 or 3 years ago. Obviously, I got right on that…

  11. cskate on March 1, 2008 - Reply

    They’re there for the taking, one at a time. I think I pilfered some of yours so have at it.

  12. orezona on March 11, 2008 - Reply

    well, so much for out “side venture”. Somebody done ripped off the rip off we was gonna rip off.

    I’ll just go back to being a “bearing nerd”… 😉

  13. hey there, sent the stickers for your collection, sorry if they rubbed you the wrong way… created the hosoi tribute logo for holmes when he was in jail, use a lot of old school ifeas for our stickers… i have skated since 1985, “found Jesus, got saved, was bornagain” in 1991, started MOBB in 1999 as a way to help skaters with safe spots in their towns and we give out free gear to needy kids… gave out over 600 decks in 9 years… anyhow, enjoy your ebay articles and some of your others postings… thanks for what you do for skateboarding, appreciate the honest down to earth approach… blessings,
    paul pack, mobb skates

  14. Paul… Not to worry, I wasn’t “rubbed the wrong way,” more like startled by a bunch of stickers and no note. Then surprised to find a religious connection. I had seen some Mobb stuff before and didn’t know what the scoop was. Now I do.

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