Spot Check: 1992 Vicksburg Mississippi

Vicksburg Mississippi - 1992

You’re viewing thiss pot from beyond the grave! Oohhh… Spooky! Well, who knows, maybe it’s still active. Joesf Heffner (nweyesk8) sent in this possibly xeroxed copy of an old photo that his buddy Jason Walker took of him in 1992.

In Vicksburg, MS there was this old parking lot of actual concrete, not asphalt, that had transition along one edge. The transition went up against the side of this building, but as you can see there was a slight deck still. The main problem was there was a water pipe that leaked from the building and the lot would get completely covered with a thick layer of algae. making it unridable most of the time, except durin the scorching heat of summer.

This is a cropped version of the original, you can see the whole thing after the jump. How about it Mississippi readers, is this spot still a go?

Vicksburg Mississippi - 1992


  1. Still there. Still smooth This is the smaller of 2 banks in vicksburg.

    • where in vicksburg is this spot? just moved here and i need to skate some tranny…

  2. Dang. That was fast.

  3. nweyesk8 on February 19, 2008 - Reply

    i dont have a photo of the huge bank by the old ‘rent-to-own’ electronics store…..but i skated that thing alot 🙂

  4. There were some full pipes in Columbus Mississippi circa ’98. A Starkville skater/drummer/artist named Jason told me how to find ’em when I showed up on his doorstep one day. 9 years later, I met him skating at Holly Farms!

  5. The columbus full pipes are still there too. Theres supposed to be some 20’+ buried under a lock and dam too. I’ve never heard of anyone making it underground to ride them though.

  6. nweyesk8 on February 19, 2008 - Reply

    I remember hearing old tales of a 70’s skatepark in Mississippi that was filled in with dirt when it closed. It was called the ‘Pink Panther’, at least according to the stories I heard. I missed the full pipes, having left MS for the NW around 95′.

  7. Is Amy Grumpie still there too?

  8. The pink panther was in Slidell, LA. It was bulldozed in the late 90’s. It was one of the best spots in the south.

  9. I skated the Pink Panther park a few times. It had a couple of snake runs and a small street area.It was in a trailer park and was a big bust to skate, as the tenants would call the cops. There were some full pipes in Hattiesburg in the 90’s. Are they still there?

  10. Hey , pink Panther was Dozed two years before Katerina. It pisses me off cuz they abandoned the property after the storm. If they wouldn’t have done that to make way for a new camp site the park would still be there.

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