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  1. enemy combatant on January 22, 2008 - Reply

    Nobody was kick-flipping in ’78.

  2. yeah they were, just without the ollie part.

  3. enemy combatant on January 22, 2008 - Reply

    Meh… that’s freestyle, it was banks and ditches for me.

  4. bailgun on January 22, 2008 - Reply

    78 has room to talk shit on 08’s fashion?
    have you not looked at the gear dudes were wearing then?

    two words, bro. flyaway helmets.

  5. Hey watch it! A couple of the Skate and Annoy staff still sport the flyaway and they’re sensitive souls and I actually was sponsored by Kanoa Surf at one point.

  6. Speaking of Kanoa Surf, those Kanoa Roll-out wheels were ahead of their time. Rolled outer lip, conical backs and the ‘thane was good. One of the best wheels of that era for sure.

  7. Flyaway helmets is the best you can come up with? What about short-shorts? Tube socks with rainbow stripes? Suspenders? Those flimsy rector pads, and bulky gardening style gloves? Denim padded skate shorts? The jumpsuit Tony Alva wore? Wrist guards? Ankle guards even, There’s lots of bad skate fashion in the 70’s, flyaways weren’t one one them. Though I bought mine in the 80’s so it wasn’t airbrushed.

    What about absurdly baggy pants from the 90’s and donut hole sized wheels.

    If I could still fit into my tight pants I’d be wearing them, just not to skate in.

    Weirdest hip fashion mashup: lowrise skintight rocker jeans that show your boxers hip hop style.

  8. enemy combatant on January 22, 2008 - Reply

    “and bulky gardening style gloves?”

    Bulky gardening style gloves rock, especially when you glue on the free Corian samples from Home Depot for slide pucks. I just got a new pair for $1.98!

  9. So the “aint-talkin-bout-love” photo would be less impressive given 70’s garb?

  10. No, were talking purely fashion here. Aw crap. did I just actually say that?

    More impressive, on the actual gear of the time.

  11. as i remember it there were girls around in ’78 and there still around now and most dudes would tie a sock around their nuts while standing on one foot wearing lipstick to get an edge up on his competition, sad but true, slaves to fashion? or nature?

  12. Don’t forget mesh team jerseys, sometimes cut to the always-attractive shimmel/midriff length, ala George Orton or Bert Lamar. Pair it with some ultra short Rector Protector corduroys, tubes, and Blazers and that’s a winning 70’s combo right there. Uh, Randy, make sure you call me before you post those slides, eh? Ha.

  13. “Fashion. Never Function”

  14. orezona on January 23, 2008 - Reply

    vert shirts

  15. Yes my friend people were kick flipping in 1978

  16. Curt! is that really you? I saw John in Hailey last year. I used to skate with you guys at Steve’s South Bay.

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