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I hope Biker got his royalty money advanced up front from Tech Deck when he signed off on Biker Sherlock’s Extreme Challenge. Do you remember back in 1999 when luge was all the rage on the Extreme!™ sports circuit? I think the “extreme challenge” in this toy was trying to justify the $35 purchase price. I don’t think they had many production runs of these.

Biker Sherlock’s Extreme Challenge Tech Deck toy

There are a lot of goofy skateboard toys that I have collected over the years, but this one was just too large and expensive to warrant purchasing. Did you know you can hire Biker as a public speaker? I wonder if he has a bunch of these in storage somewhere. I’d ask him, but Biker’s official web site appears to be down. Click to enlarge.

Biker Sherlock's Extreme Challenge

Biker Sherlock's Extreme Challenge

Gratuitous video of Biker Sherlock getting towed at EXTREME speeds behind a car.

From the Dreggs skateboards site, where it looks like they have fun exhibits at the Surf Expo.


  1. I think that’s being repackaged as the XGames Danny Way Extreme Challenge.

  2. My fingers can get higher air than your fingers!

    That street luge track reminds me of the track I almost bought for my hamster’s runaround ball. I came to my senses.

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