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Howard for Portland

Howard Weiner intends to run for the Portland city council seat that will be vacated when Sam Adams runs for mayor. He needs 1000 registered Portland voters to make $5 contributions by January 31, 2008 to qualify him for the ballot.

Howard owns Cal Skate and has has been a longtime advocate for skateparks in Portland in addition to other services to the community. The Portland skateboarding community has benefitted from support of the mayor and the city commissioners. With skateboarding supporter Mayor Potter leaving and Sam Adams running for Mayor, it would be a good idea to support a pro-skateboarding candidate. We still have a lot of work to do on the skatepark system and we don’t want the issue to be pushed to the back burner by regime change.

You can sign up and donate at Cal Skate. Check the Howard for Portland website for more about Howard’s council bid.


  1. president Howard! err city council etc…i’m Brian Fellow.!

  2. enemy combatant on December 13, 2007 - Reply

    Go Howard! Go skate!

  3. another weiner running for office!

  4. Tom Miller on December 13, 2007 - Reply

    Howard has his work cut out for him. The Oregonian reported two days ago that he had collected just 19 of the 1000 signatures and $5 checks from Portland voters he needs to qualify for public funding, which is his intention. If he collects the 1000 signatures/checks he will receive $150,000 for his campaign. His deadline to submit those signatures/checks is the end of January.

    If he fails to collect the 1000 signatures/checks, he was quoted as saying he would stay in the race. As a practical matter however, he’s likely to have a very hard time broadcasting his name and platform without campaign money. The alternative to public money is to gather the old-fashioned way, from deep pockets, or to spend your own money. (On the latter point, Michael Bloomberg spent $158 million of his own money to win the NYC race. Yes, million.) I don’t know that either strategy is viable for Howard, but time will tell.

    Bottom line: show some respect for Portland’s longest serving skateboard advocate and support his effort to qualify for public money with your signature and a $5 check.


  5. Unfortunately I live in the ‘couv but he’s got my support even if he can’t have my vote.

  6. corncobcock on December 14, 2007 - Reply

    nicely done..

  7. Thanks Folks, I just found out I was on the site and yes I have my work cut out for me. I’m actually closing in on 100 signitures but the bar has been set very high to recieve public financing and I did start later than the other candidates.

    I choose to run after alot of soul searching and no candidate to get behind that represented the issues that are important to me. I also needed my wife’s support as this race will consume alot of my energy for the month’s ahead.

    I do need all the help I can get but I have faith just as I had faith for over 20 years that we would have public Skate Parks in Portland.

    Tom Potter only raised $44,000.00 against the $1,000,000.00 man and beat the socks off of him.

    Anyone who knows me will attest to my dedication to the issues I belive in and my willingness to go the extra mile when needed.

    I feel confortable in last place at the moment as that’s where Iv’e always started a race but the goal is to be first at the finish line and that is where I’m headed
    Take Care and thanks for your support

  8. Per his site, looks like Howard will be at the Bacon premiere on Thursday the 20th. FYI.

    From Howard’s site:

    On December 20th I will be speaking and collecting qualifying contributions before the Bacon Skateboard Video Premiere being held at the Clinton Corner Café at 8:30 PM on S.E. 21st and Clinton Street.
    This event will be for all ages although there will be bar service for those 21 and older. I look forward to meeting everyone and making some new friends along the way

  9. Dick Cancer on December 16, 2007 - Reply


  10. enemy combatant on December 16, 2007 - Reply

    The sort of ass-wipes who ride bikes in skateparks should be encouraged to ride them in the fast lane on the freeway. The resultant carnage will give a new positive meaning to the word “scumline.”

  11. eventhough i made a bad joke in this thread i’d vote for ya if i lived in portland. good luck.

  12. […] will be speaking and collecting qualifying contributions. Click here to see the flyer larger, or here to see why you should […]

  13. Skateboard Rider on December 24, 2007 - Reply

    Donate 40 or 50 grand of that campaign $150,000, when he gets it, to a skatepark, & ya got my Vote.
    That might win you some votes too & free publicity, actually use the publics campaign money to make/do something.
    Don’t build no pay to ride city parks though, those might dissappear.. Deja’ Vu’

  14. Dear Kilwag, My sister Wendy Bearer was the first one interviewed on black and white film at the First International Skateboard Championships at La Palma Stadium May 22th and 23th, 1965 A.D. I’m going to start my new documentary with this interview “DEFENSE ABOVE ALL” a biography written in the second person by the ghost writer Stadium Way, thank you for your service to the Art and Sport of Skateboarding, Very truly yours, Danny Bearer

  15. cold ones on August 26, 2009 - Reply

    The doctor told me my nose would stop bleeding if I stopped picking it so much.

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