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M&M's skateboarding

Really, this still image of Mr Orange (?) is about all you need to see from the M&M’s commercial that is still airing, unless you are wondering what Paul Weller would look like if he was a candy coated chocolate that came to life. And it’s vintage The The in the soundtrack. Speaking of the Jam, did you know Bruce Foxton and Rick Buckler are touring without Weller as the appropriately titled From the Jam? Now that’s brutal honesty for you! I don’t know where/what/when Weller replacement Russell Hastings is from, but he looks the part and the reviews are good. Coming to North America and Japan in 2008.

M&M’s commercial with skateboarding

What skatepark is the background shot at? I’m thinking UK, obviously. Anyone?


  1. houseofneil on December 15, 2007 - Reply

    Good for Bruce and Rick. About time they saw some cash from all of this, and reclaimed the name of the Jam from that washed up old hippy Weller.

  2. Hateboard on December 15, 2007 - Reply

    that M&M has a sweet tailgrab flyout!
    so jealous.

  3. enemy combatant on December 15, 2007 - Reply

    I like the ones with peanuts inside.

  4. that was a tenous link; from m & ms to The Jam…no sure how, but you pulled it off!!!

  5. Yeah.. for sure. The purple guy with the mod haircut looking at the TV’s reminded me of Paul Weller, so… In actuality, he was probably modeled after some dude in Oasis or something.

    It was pure coincidence that House of Neil mentioned the “From the Jam” tour to me in an email I read as I was processing the video for this post. Plate of Shrimp coincidence!

  6. that skate park it is in Bs As ARGENTINA

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