No longboards

Wickenurg AZ

Hughes was recently in Arizona and found some very specific rules at the Wickenburg Skate Park. Check out a larger image at Northwest Skater. You have to like the use of a old west typeface, the rustic spelling and the creative editing by the local intellectuals.

Here is what I think you meant to do:

Wickenurg AZ


  1. It’s interesting but, I don’t think it’s enforced. Like Glendale and Tempe, who have the exact same rule.

    My 39.5 inch short board worked fine, and I wasn’t kicked out once. I don’t think the rule is enforced, just like the
    myriad of other stupid rules put on skateparks.

  2. What I want to know is what is so special about 34 inches?

    Does a board become something different at 35 inches? Or is it 34.1 inch?

    And why was 34 inches chosen? What is so special about that length?

  3. You have to keep tabs on those old guys. People with a wide stance are undesirables and unamerican. Guys like Steve Howell are deviants! Just joking of course.

    Free the unicycles and skateboard suits!

  4. enemy combatant on November 20, 2007 - Reply

    “And why was 34 inches chosen? What is so special about that length?”

    Prolly the max length for World Industries boards.

  5. You obviously can’t control a long board safely enough to ride it on anything but flatground. they’re scared the wind might pick you up and take you away to the land of oz.

  6. sleezyskates on November 20, 2007 - Reply

    I can see it now….Fatass cop with a measuring tape telling you not to ride the skatepark and giving a hundred dollar ticket..

  7. they only put “no longboards” on the sign because “no kooks” would’ve seemed too mean.

  8. Too late. Kooks ride small boards too.

    But, just incase you hadn’t heard. Longer is better.

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