Liverpool laybacks

Drum ‘n Basin

Sheesh! What does it take to get some culture around here? Sure, we had a mini ramp outside of City Hall for a couple of hours, but nothing like this. In Liverpool England there is a nonprofit group called A Foundation whose purpose is to “to support the development, production and exhibition of contemporary visual art and, in particular, to focus on the enrichment and regeneration of Liverpool through culture and the arts.” How are they doing it? By hiring Simparch to install the Free Basin as well as a yet unnamed 40 foot wooden full pipe, which is rare, to say the least. I think there is one at Skatopia, but that may be it.

Made using a similar construction method with a complex layering of multiple wooden spines and ribs, the full pipe’s impressive structure echoes a hull in dry dock.

Hey, whatever you have to tell them to get it paid for… The best part is, the structure will be open for free public skating during gallery hours, from October 19th 2007 to April 20th, 2008. Details and consent forms can be found at A Foundation’s Drum ‘n Basin Greenland Street programme page. Hey UK readers.. let’s get some coverage happening for those of us stuck stateside. Good job A Foundation – You’ve made me want to visit Liverpool more than those Tony Hawk ads make me want to visit California.

UPDATE: Added video of Drum ‘n Basin in action.

[Photos: Left – Rob Meighen. Right – Simparch]
[Source: Liverpool’s The Daily Post]

Video of Drum ‘n Basin


  1. S&A sucks dick, you guys are a buch of old carps

  2. Carps? What about coho, or rainbow trout? Bluegills, maybe…

  3. How about sea bass? As in “Kick his ass Sea Bass”

  4. When is the Simparch bowl and associated full pipe coming to Seattle?

  5. that set up is incredible. even more so when u consider it’s in Liverpool, UK, as an exhibition/tribute to US pool culture.

  6. fullpipe okay, that simparch bowl is sort of whatever (too small) unless its raining… either way, great scam for sure.

  7. holy shit.. that wasn’t me?! someone’s perpetrating me… and you all know i don’t capitalize my first name ever.

  8. But we are a bunch of old carp. Why are all the fish names pluralized without an s?

  9. trubble on November 5, 2007 - Reply

    the fullpipe at skatopia isnt a complete tube, so thats probably the first wooden one of that size ever.
    fuckin nuts.
    me like bowl in air.
    would that make every air count as two?

  10. I’m working on a trip up there, looks pretty sick for something in the UK, pool coping too, not somethign we have much of. Fopund this bit of footage on a UK forum for yer too: LINK The full pipe is on casters so they could wheel it round to skin it. Genius.

  11. Added embedded video of Drum ‘n Basin in action, thanks to BDP.

  12. houseofneil on November 6, 2007 - Reply

    shit, I was just there last month. Didn’t see that, but my home town of Wallasey (across the mersey from liverpool) has a concrete bowl now. Obviously unused by the amount of debris and dead animals in it, but still. Randy, did I send you pics?

  13. No, you didn’t.

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