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  1. You said it. What a zoo, huh? I never really did skate the “street” area today. I think we all saw it coming, though. That section of Tigard has anarchy written all over it. Hopefully the weather be nice next week when the damned kids are back in school where they belong.

  2. nweyesk8 on October 19, 2007 - Reply

    i moved here from Mississippi and i am blown away at how many kids are not in school out here. There were easily a dozen kids, younger than 13, at Tigard, at noon on this school day.

  3. Yeah, and did you see any parents? I would never leave my 10 year old by themselves anywhere, much less at the new skatepark. I think it was a “teacher work day” in Tigard, though, so the kids had a day off. Like I said, next week it’s ours.

  4. nweyesk8 on October 19, 2007 - Reply

    no, no parents to speak of

  5. Indeed. The lil’ fuggers.

  6. how true…

  7. thats the double edged blade of oregon for you. in california they close the parks until 3 to make sure that shit doesnt happen. which is worse?

  8. The sign says kids under age 16 are required to wear helmets but I haven’t seen any enforcement.

    It also says that by entering the skatepark you agree that the police can search your bag. Police station is right next door. I’m sure this must be unconstitutional a line on a sign does not negate your rights. In the current climate of fatherland security, you might want to be careful about what you have in your bag.

    Any lawyers want to weigh in on this?

  9. you guys cant have it both ways. i for one would be happy if the cops left the skatepark alone, whether the cop shop is next door or not. again this is speaking from experience in CA, where they tend to eforce helmets for everyone, not just under 18 or under 16. you wanna wear a helmet or gear that should be your choice… and police enforcement is a slippery slope, better to self police the park yourself, no?

  10. Hey Davoud, this is Oregon, and we can have our skateparks with icing and a cherry on top… if enough internerds complain about it.

    Actually, we had a long conversation about the legal and civil liberties aspect of “enter this skatepark and we can search your bags.” Grover heard it was a special city ordinance passed. He asked a cop a but it and he gave a lame excuse that it was to stop tagging, as if kids showed up to skate with a bag full of spray paint. We all know it’s for drugs an alcohol. Rich thinks it’s discriminatory since the other public parks in Tigard don’t have a similar law. Someone should contact the ACLU and see what their take on it is.

    Back to fun things. FInally made it there today. Weird but totally fun. The double coping thing that looks jacked in the pictures is actually much more easily negotiable than you would think. It was pinball alley there today, a couple of the bike guys were getting sour, but everyone was having fun. at one point there was about 600 years of skatin g experience in the park cause all the old guys came out of the woodwork. Fun times today. Very interesting park.

  11. I would be more interested in what Portland Cop Watch had to say about it. I want to distribute “thisbikeisapipebomb” stickers to the BMX kids (Remember this? http://media.www.bgnews.com/media/storage/paper883/news/2006/04/12/Campus/bomb-Threat.On.A.Bike.At.Ou-1844858.shtml) Maybe then Homeland Security can pay a visit to our lovely skateparks, too. Haw!

  12. sutherlin mike on October 22, 2007 - Reply

    so uh davoud. howd u like that new benicia park on sat? sick session but kinda weird park no?! definately not dreamland status. I did see some living dinosaurs there and they were killing it though.

  13. Sorry about the bike episode. I was just trying to stick up for some local skate groms.
    Bike dudes actually said ‘you guys suck and shouldn’t even be here’.
    I couldn’t just stand there.

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