Worst business model ever.

Mobile skate shop

Joesf Heffner (AKA nweyesk8 in our comments) sent in these pics of a mobile skate shop he’s seen traveling around to skateparks in the central part of western Oregon. It’s less than ample stock is being hauled around in the back of large RV style trailer. That’s an awful lot of hardgoods they need to sell just to cover gas. The skateshop-out-of-the-back-of-my-car is not a new phenomenon, but at this level it’s a big slap in the face to the local skate shops. There’s always the chance that Grinders is servicing a bigger geographic area that doesn’t have local shops, but it’s a pretty safe bet that’s not the case. If it is, then good luck with that operating model. Your first order of business ought to be selling the huge trailer for a small used panel van that runs on home brew biodiesel. You might have a fighting chance then.


  1. nweyesk8 on September 6, 2007 - Reply

    actually, it has been seen traveling around the Willamette Valley, central western oregon. I have seen it both in Albany and in Corvallis, which each have some form of brick-n-mortar sk8 store. I hear it does also hit up places like aumsville an other small sk8shopless communities. It might even work if they sold name brand equipment, but your choices are limited to blank/generic products with a ‘Grinders’ label.

  2. Western. Eastern. It’s all the same to my sleep-deprived mind. I am goofing it left and right today. OK, It’s fixed now. Thanks.

  3. it was a the albany park tonight, i didnt bother going into it cuz there were abunch of kids in their watching videos instead of skating. lame.

  4. i hope you can get energy drinks in there

    energy drinks rule

  5. There’s a guy here in NorCal that does the same thing. He drives one of those small cargo trucks around, ala FedEx/UPS style with the built-in shelves. Most of the stuff he carries is used, but he does have some new stuff.
    Not really a business for him, more just transportation and a convenience for the kids.
    Oh, and he sells drinks too.

  6. There will always be someone (like you) who feels it’s their job to be negative about what someone else is doing. Read the comments. The proof is there that it is working. People recognize it (that’s called brand recognition), people have seen it in multiple locations (audience, market coverage), and people know what they offer and they apparently make their own products(which if you’ve ever done it successfully, there’s no feeling like it). Skating needs all of the above to grow. Find something positive to do with your time.

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