Vancouver Washington is legit.

Vancouver Park Opens

There’s no need to barge the scene, Vancouver’s new skate park is now officially open. I got there late this evening as what seemed like half the Trifecta was getting ready to pack up, including Benji Galloway, Rune Glifberg, Sergie Ventura Chris Cudlipp, Josh Sandoval, Morgan Burgess, Tyler Mumma and I think Devon Lamb. I heard Tyler, Rune, and possibly someone else made it (that day) carving over the top face of the capsule! Not a bad demo for an unanounced opening day! Joe Hammeke was there with a bunch of lights, but until those Indy Kickflip shots of Rune get published you’ll have to settle for old Kilwag’s photos, that is unless Rich from EPM got anything. (Update: He did.) Grover and he were pressing glass this afternoon when the park opened. The park is a lot of fun, barring the recurring dust storms blowing in off the uncovered dirt in the surrounding unfinished areas. That’s Cudlipp above with North Portland locals Xavier and Doug in the. See larger versions after the jump.

Vancouver Washington opening day.

Click fuzzy thumbnails to enlarge.

Below: Chris Cudlipp
Vancouver Washington opening day.

Below: Tyler Mumma. Checkout Screech’s circa 1988 Vision Skate Escape t-shirt. My money is on reissue because it’s in awfully good of shape.
Vancouver Washington opening day.

Below: Doug from Portland
Vancouver Washington opening day.

Below: Xavier from Portland
Vancouver Washington opening day.

Below: Hasty panorama
Vancouver Washington opening day.

Artsy Fartsy Outtakes

Because I have no self control, and hard drive space is cheap. Should have focused on the action, but I thought it’d try the foreground intsead.

Below: Screech
Vancouver Washington opening day.

Below: Chris Cudlipp
Vancouver Washington opening day.


  1. direction to the park? or address?

  2. Dang, do what i do, go to Northwest Skater, look it up, and follow the map link

  3. cool thanks Randy, I’m gonna swing by this morning.

  4. thanks for the pic man

  5. Ha HA HA!!!! Do what I do! Ha Ha HA!!!

    Hey! Stop this now! There’s too much concrete already! I’m heading to Bellingham and can’t be distracted by yet ANOTHER skatepark!

  6. Seriously. I couldn’t remember the exit I needed to take so I went to your site to get the map link. Did the same thing when I went to Battleground for the Trifecta.

    Yes. We are spoiled. This is the golden age. Or would be, if I was 10 years younger.

  7. So what street is the park on exactly?
    Kinda looks like 164th? Love the the site also
    keep up the good work.

  8. Oh yeah… street area. I’ll snap some next time. It’s small. Very small. packed full of bikes. They have an expansion planned though. Don’t know how that is coming though.

  9. Parks on NE 18th about 150 yards east of the 164th/NE18th intersection. From Portland you can take the 205 North to the Camas/Hwy 14 exit. Head east to the first exit which is the 164th street exis and go north until you reach NE 18th. Turn right onto NE 18th and the park is on the left handside of the road. It’s currently in the middle of a construction area while the rest of the general park is being built. Note that NE 18th is north of Mill Plain. Don’t be tempted to turn on SE 18th.

  10. the park is so good, I had so much fun…very good lines in there.

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