The longest yard

longest manual

Wheelie. Wheelie. Wheelie.

My friend did a manual, and then a nose manual on a ledge which is longer than a football field. The actual distance was 315.21 feet and I found that using Google Earth, I even included a screen shot at the end of the clip for you non-believers.

Wheelie. Wheelie. Wheelie.

Update: I never said this was the longest, but people keep sending in longer manuals, so I’ve added them after the jump. However, this first video is still (more?) interesting for three reasons:

  1. Unlike the others, it’s an ollie to manual.
  2. There’s a Google Earth picture of this huge manual pad.
  3. The other guys are appear to be rolling downhill.

Wheelie Manual and Nose Wheelie manual the length of a football field

Hey man, why not name your friend and give him a little credit? Wheelie. Wheelie. Wheelie. An ollie up to manual on both attempts. Flat surface. Very nice.

Manual/Nose Manual Longer Than a Football Field – Watch more free videos

Hessenmob Trailer 2.0

You’ve probably seen this one before. That’s one long manual with good music too. Looks like it’s at least partially downhill though.

James Soladay

As sent in by SnA commenter mikeD who mangages the Earthwing team.. More incredibly long manuals, but they are downhill as well. I have nothing against very long manuals moving downhill. I just want to point out that it’s not the same as a pure flatland distance record. You guys need to work on a better platform for shooting these vids, maybe get off the skateboard and into a car or bike trailer because with all the herky-jerky camera work, long shots and video compression artifacts on YouTube it’s hard to tell if his wheels are off the ground. Impressive none the less. Hmmm. Earthwing. Earwig… Earthwing. Earwig.

Wheelie. Wheelie. Wheelie.


  1. foolio_iglesias on July 24, 2007 - Reply

    Man go to youtube and type in’nose manual’,find the long
    one where the dude manuals a couple kilometers(no lie).

  2. im lucky enough to be team manager for a skate team that includes this guy…
    …who can manual better than our filmer can skate. 2 miles or so is as long as weve been able to keep up with him. we’re trying to get 2 miles+ on tape to send to guinness.

  3. talentlessquitter on December 2, 2010 - Reply

    The first wheelie isn’t pure flatland either.That looks like a running water-feature.

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