Safe to skate Nebraska again.


Skate and Annoy is guilty of negligence. We ignored the story of the closing of a large percentage of skateparks in Nebraska last fall, due to the Nebraska Supreme Court’s decision that cities were not immune to personal injury lawsuits on public land. Basically, some lady twisted her ankle in a hole in a field at a public festival somewhere in Nebraska, and since we are the Jerry Springer nation, she decided to sue whatever public municipality held the event. Cities and the like are usually immune from frivolous lawsuits of the “I tripped on your sidewalk” variety, but this possible relative of Cleetus the Slack Jawed Yokel, had her day in court. Suddenly, Chicken Littles in cities and towns all over Nebraska decided they needed to close skateparks until the law changed. Curiously, as near as I can tell, no basketball courts or baseball fields were closed. The aptly named Omaha Sen. Mike Friend, stepped up to the plate (sorry, there’s no skateboard analogy for that. Should it be dropped in? ) and proposed a bill to change that. The bill has passed and the Governor intends to sign it. So please forgive us, last month’s 55 loyal readers in Nebraska, for ignoring your plight. Maybe if a few of you chipped in the occasional comment or two we’d remember you are there. I’ve driven through your great state more than once, there can’t be that much else to do! Video, audio, and more after the jump. [Photo:]

Recreational liability in Nebraska

Basically, the new bill allows exemption for liability for the state or local governments if the activity is inherently dangerous and the facility was maintained and designed to “generally recognized standards” at the time it was built. Another important distinction is that to retain that imunity from liability, the facility must be free of usage charge. Makes sense to me. I think that’s how we do it in Oregon. I’ll bet some Californians wish it worked that way too.

Recreational liability bill passed –
Sen. Mike Friend (District 10, Omaha) –

The Skate Park Association of the United States of America has an uncredited audio report on the original story of parks getting shut down.

The North Platte Bulletin talks about the now reopened the parks and the decision to close –

Documentary on Nebraska Skatepark Closing

This is a short documentary by Bryan Findell.


  1. Kevin Wilkins on May 25, 2007 - Reply

    Nice coverage.
    It was kinda touch and go for a while there. Nebraska could have set a bad precident.
    Happily back to square one.

  2. Billy r on July 11, 2007 - Reply

    This is one of the best videos I’ve ever seen. I think if you can you should put this on tv or news paper whatever. It would really get the point across to people who don’t understand skating.

  3. haha. thanks for posting this. im a few years late but I just found this off a search engine link.

    thanks awesome!

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