A zine a day for a week. Day 2: Freezine #11

Freezine #11

This was a Canadian zine out of Ontario. I’ve got four issues, the latest I have is #17. That’s Freezine as in “freezing,” not “free.” This is a good one, not a lot of reading or actual skate photographs if you analyze it, but put together well enough to make it seem like you were getting a lot.

Freezine #11

It’ seems like a lot of zines would actually incorporate the word “zine” into the title, as in this case or “Limozine” which I will eventually post. I think Greg at Freezine made up a lot of the names in the credits. Harry Adamidis, Roger Blinoff, and Whitney Puncheon? I couldn’t find any Freezine information lurking on the web, so if you know these guys, let them know that SnA remembers!

View the zine: Freezine #11

Here are the stats:

Zine: Freezine
Issue: #11
Date: January 1987
From: Mississauga Ontario, Canada
By: Greg, Doug Thompson
Photos: Ryan Baxter, Roger Blinoff, Whitney Puncheon

Featuring: Hans Plant (get it?), Fletcher, Bonerhead, Ryan Baxter, Doug Thompson,. Skabb, Hogtown Pete. Brian Duguay, Greg Lowe, Steve K., Bill Weiss, Harry Adamidis, Scott

Spots: Toronto, T.D. Centre curb, California Pro skate shop, Blood banks, Pastor’s ramp

Honorable Mentions: Words that rhyme with Tony Hawk (Rice-a-roni Cock), Assumed Control Zine, Interview with Greg’s hand. Hogtown Skates, Rug Riding trick tips.

Local Slang: Kyfing (stealing)

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  1. oldfatjeff on May 11, 2007 - Reply

    i remember skull skates as being a part of that. seems like the guy’s name was greg that did the mailing. now if i could only find that stash of lucero red cross stickers i misplaced in ’89.

  2. Wow.
    Pretty fucking cool to see that in its entirety online after 20 years.
    I had a Skate and Annoy t-shirt that I bought at the Turf with the nash nipples, wore that til ti rotted.
    Live in Halifax NS now, skate our vert bowl steady. Some clips and photos up on a blogger thing somewhere,
    Dig your site, need to travel to Oregon again, it’s been since 99 that I was last through. It’s a long drive…..
    Oh, Roger Blinoff is a real name, the guy still skates inToronto at the Hoof, on the facebok….
    Harry Adamidus was the singer from my high school garage band, real name. So was Whitney Puncheon, he skated with us and stole stereos from cars by smashing windows with his trucks, real name, probably in jail….

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