Who is/was Simon Woodstock?

Simon Woodstock Clip

I can’t find much about Simon Woodstock on the web. There are a couple of reviews of his religious tract disguised as a zine, but other than that, just this video clip, Skim the Fat doesn’t have a single listing of him, even if IMDB lists him as appearing in Boob. STF lists 154 skaters in that video, but no Simon Woodstock. It’s like he’s been blacklisted. Simon was in the limelight at a time when I wasn’t following the industry rags, not that I am now, but through the Interweb™ I sometimes find out about things whether I want to or not. I remember reading about some legendary shenanigans and talented skating in the past tense. What I get from this video is a heavy CKY vibe. Just as some people can’t stand Bam, there are lot of Woodstock bashers out there. You’d have to be blind to say he had no talent. Watch him ride both a skimboard and snowboard set up as skateboards while wearing appropriate attire and shredding as effortlessly as if he was riding a short board. Then there’s the clown suit. Funny stuff, but I can imagine it wears thin after a while. So someone fill in the blanks. Who did he ride for and what video is this from? Watch the vid and more after the jump.

Simon Woodstock video

Here it is. It’s damn funny and the skating is good. The user who is propagating it claims not to know where it is from. (UPDATE: Original video has disappeared, but it appears it was from a 1993 Thrasher title called Need for Speed. Watch this one while you can.)

This clip has the year 1993 attached to it. I don’t know if that’s accurate since IMDB says Simon was in Boob in 1999. No matter, cut to the year 2005. Madrid Skatebaords releases the El Cochino complete deck. The story as I remember it from Concrete Disciples is that Mark “Sumdumsurfer” Kessenich, a Madrid employee at the time, pressed a giant skateboard out of some birch plys that Madrid had stocked for their line of skimboards. This one had a kicktail and upturned nose. He outfitted it with some 13″ wide Gullwing trucks (for mountain boards), and brought it to a local skatepark as a goof. The locals reacted strongly in favor and demanded their own, so Madrid actually put them into a limited production. I don’t know if they had a bulletin board meltdown over at Concrete Disciple or what, because I can’t find the original “El Cochino” thread, but I did find this picture of it in action.

Madrid El Cochino

Nowhere Fast

Pretty much the only substantial information on Simon I could find was in this Jason Adams interview in Transworld. It’s like the all too familiar bipolar disorder. People tend to go from one extreme to the other. At some point in time Simon found God, and is now trying to make sure others find him too. He put out a publication called Nowhere Fast that, according to reviews, was not much more than a Chic tract disguised as a zine.

Here’s the January 2003 review of Nowhere Fast in Zine Thing, from Thrasher Magazine.

This is the work of former pro skater Simon Woodstock–you know, the guy who used to ride boogie boards or bowling balls with trucks at contests. Urifortunately, that’s where the good part ends. This is essentially a religious tract, in the same vein as those cheesy “You’re going to hell unless you repent now” comics from Chick Publications. Simon feels that his life was spiralling out of control, and he was “carousing” a bit too much, egged on by peer pressure and bad influences. Now the Lord is his latest in a string of influences, I guess. It’s funny and appropriate that the God squad now has a skateboarding clown on their team. Why can’t people just keep their beliefs to themselves? Remember this Biblical paradox when people try to pawn this stuff off on you. Only sheep need a shephard, and sheep are led to the slaughter. If you’re a glutton fur punishment or want a good chuckle, write the Calvary Chapel of San Jose, 1175 Hillsdale Ave, San Jose, CA 95118, or write to Simon directly: simon@calvarychapel.ch

Here’s another review on the Media Diet site.

This full-color pamphlet was written by Simon Woodstock, a former professional skateboarder who was active for seven years in the ’90s. Now he’s found God and a new calling — evangelizing to the youth set. This eight-page almost-zine, which was largely dismissed by the mainstream skateboarding magazines, outlines Woodstock’s self-realization. For the most part, his religious growth stemmed from falling prey to the party lifestyle he engaged in while a pro skateboarder, which caused him to lose focus with his skating. While the pamphlet is full of photos of Woodstock skating, complete with dyed hair and clown suit, it’s unclear whether he kept up his skating — although it seems he couldn’t regain and maintain focus without giving up his skating career. While I’m glad Woodstock found renewed meaning in his life, I’m not sure his work with the chapel or this skater-oriented pamphlet will have the evangelical effect he’s hoping for. One, very few people in the skateboarding industry will take this seriously. Two, people interested in skateboarding in general will not know who Woodstock is. Now, if Tony Hawk were to come out as a vocal Christian, the church might have something to work with. Regardless, this is an interesting outgrowth of church culture and skateboarding fandom — and an intriguing parallel to Christian punk rock. It’s just a shame that stuff like this always starts with religion and then culture instead of the other way around. Following that path almost always results in watered-down culture. Free from Simon Woodstock, Calvary Chapel, 1175 Hillsdale Ave., San Jose, CA 95118.

Simon Woodstock, TrendPimp

I originally came across this video via a feed from a rediculous web site called TrendPimp. It was titled “The Worlds First Skateboard Skimboarding” which made me think it was recent until I realized who it was. Trend Pimp is so bad, like Details for the mentally impaired. Their tagline is “Defining Style.” Puh-lease. Defining style for retarded robots and adolescent fashion parrots is more like it. The only thing they have going for them is that their video compression is better than YouTube, and they let you vote on whether not the video is good, like that means a damn thing. It just encourages vanity and a false sense of self importance. Much like Skate and Annoy does for it’s contributors, actually, so look for that feature to be added here soon.

(UPDATE: Video and entire web site for TrendPimp.com seems to have disappeared as well.)

If you are going to comment on this post, please refrain from saying something dumb like “Bam Margera has no talent either” because besides being ludicrous, it’s just not interesting enough to read again.

UPDATE: Simon Woodstock on Vans trading card

Thanks to reader Jan who pointed out this Vans trading card from 1997. Check out how they list his ranking from 1996. Click to enlarge.

Simon Woodstock trading card


  1. nweyesk8 on May 1, 2007 - Reply

    Kilwag, i think this may help a little. I wish my fuzzy memories could help you more. I remember having an old video with him in it, but i know it had ‘normal’ footage of him skating. The guy killed it.

  2. i was there the day they filmed at that indoor park… it was in Sacramento (there were two.. one with a wood bowl called “The Grind”? which i think was moved twice… actually kickflipping that board was pretty amazing although we were kind of stunned on the wetsuit.

    • Those were fun times. thats how most of the whole gig started. Just being bored living in Carmichael and trying to bum out/get laughs out of Brett Sigur who owned the park.

  3. crumble on May 1, 2007 - Reply

    He skated for sonic (i think amongst others) and also had an ill-fated wheel company called “woodstock wheel designs”… i never saw a set of wheels, but i still have one of their stickers on my fridge. it features a clown giving the thumbs up… surprise surprise.

  4. PIG CITY on May 1, 2007 - Reply

    Theres a bit of info on him in Clivers book Disposable. Also a sequence of him kickflipping a snowboard in the Heckler Declaration of Independents book.I remember trying to look him up ono the web a while too – had no luck. Pretty good skater

  5. pretty sure he was sponsored by vans for a while

  6. marek on May 1, 2007 - Reply

    i know he was sponsored vans for sure. i saw an vans ad with him sporting massive suite made out of nickles and grinding some rail. that was some heavy stuff. he also skated in prague at one contest and spend whole day in a suit made out of those camouflage nets. kick flipped a pyramid and lost both of his shoes in the air anl landed it clean. out of this world.

    • His suit was made out of pennie. He told me his grandmother made it for him and it wieghed like 25 lbs.!!!

    • Thanks for noticing the Prague thing. I actually got in trouble with Vans for “not producing” on that trip which I thought was a bum rap. I think it was because they compared me to Omar Hassan who skated the street course and the vert non stop for 2 days. I wasn’t much of a thief, but Serge Ventura caught me trying to steal his Wycliff Jean CD from the hotel room.. fun trip. great place.

  7. Danimal on May 1, 2007 - Reply

    I remember seeing an article in Big Brother about him , and also remeber a boxing match between him and somebody else, maybe Karma T., not sure. it’d have to be late 90s i think.

  8. i remember that ad marek ‘s talking about. i had that shit up on my wall for ages… it was covered in pennies, though. thinking about how heavy that thing must’ve been. and then thinking about trying to ollie while wearing it hurts my back.

  9. jacknife on May 1, 2007 - Reply

    In the mid 90’s he was on an episode of mtv sports and skated on an ironing board. His green tennis shoes matched his hair for a while.

  10. gondor the great on May 1, 2007 - Reply

    That first clip of him riding a skim board is from a thrasher video called “need for speed” it came out in 1993 I think

  11. orezona on May 1, 2007 - Reply

    I vividly remember an ad with Simon where his head and face was covered in peanut butter, like some kind of hair-do/beard thing. It ran in Big Brother and was actually sort of disturbing. Bet it messed up his complexion…
    The guy sure could skate. Does he hang with Stephen Baldwin now?

  12. Hey nweyesk8 check out
    this link it’s all the skate vids Simon’s been in, except they list him as S*m*n W**ds**ck What’s up with that? Was that how he credited himself or are they really that pissed at him? Strange.

  13. nweyesk8 on May 2, 2007 - Reply

    thanks, it is funny how some squiggles on the screen can instantly transport one back in time

  14. bean on May 7, 2007 - Reply

    I had his shoes and hat. I loved Simon Woodstock. I have the Vans poster everyone is talking about. It was a penny suit and the deck was covered in penny’s on the bottom. I have a lot of videos with him in it. He ripped….

  15. Tavis on May 8, 2007 - Reply

    Word, I had his Vans too, White with Maroon soles.

  16. and old skateboard collection card of him http://img413.imageshack.us/img413/5971/simonwoodstockix9.jpg

  17. Thanks for the link Jan, I added it to the end of this post. Pretty funny how they list his 1996 ranking. check it out.

  18. eletor on June 4, 2007 - Reply

    the video clip did come from “need for speed”, the second thrasher vid.

  19. Fernando on June 8, 2007 - Reply

    I remember this dude!

    I just put on a 411 Issue #3 and he’s in it doing a “Trick Tip”.
    He’s basically dressed as a burnout rocker guy wearing a Megadeth shirt and a wig or something. The trick is 360 flip with an additional flip to land darkside. He rides away because hes fixed trucks to the other side of the board.

    I remember when he boxed the lead singer for Suicidal Tendancies. He got BEAT UP!.

    Dude was pretty impressive in the sense that he skated some unique stuff on crazy boards and actually landed shit.

    His jokes were corny and I remember seeing an ad for his own Vans. They were huge and red.

    He had a couple of interviews in several magazines but you could tell he was getting burnt out on being somewhat of “the outsider” when it came to the sport.

    I remember seeing a video of him 360 flipping a surfboard over a hip. Insane.

    that is all.

  20. I found this website with some sort of interview from him in 2006, if someone could translate it perhaps?

    Link here

  21. Dustman023 on July 16, 2007 - Reply

    Simon is actually my cousin. I just saw him a couple of weeks ago. No He’s not kickin’ it with Stephen Baldwin. The one guy he boxed on mtv was sticky fingaz from onyx. The one guy who got the better of him was like twice his size. Anyways, I’m a lot younger than Simon so I missed a lot of things he did. My dad had the same footsize as Simon, and he would kick him down Airwalks. So i’m pretty sure he was sponsored by them aswell. At one point I sold decks, trucks, wheels, and stickers from my locker at school.

  22. Holy crap. Rail blunt?

  23. I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this or not, or if you already knew it, but Simon Woodstock used to skate for Sonic skateboards. They had a deck called suicidal clown, with a clown a holding a balloon gun with a burning circus tent in the background. I wanted that board so bad when I was a kid. Sorry if I’m repeating something.

    • ripitstill11 on July 8, 2011 - Reply

      I had this deck growing up. I have ben searching to find it again or even the picure of it

      • talentlessquitter on July 8, 2011 - Reply

        You can find a pic. in Disposable (the book,not the bible) or on Kevin Marburg’s website.

  24. Email me personally and I’ll tell you everything you want to know about him…

  25. skaterguy421 on October 27, 2007 - Reply

    simon had a tv show “sk8-tv” it came on Nickolonda he skated for sonic he had his own shoe out with vans they where for posers he was a ok skater, but he never took it even a lil serious of cousie you sponcers are goin to get pissed and kick u off the team. while alot of those guys from the early 90’s where learnin tre-flips and hardflips simon was to busy tryin to bust a kickflip on a sulfboard and kinda of got left behind

  26. I don’t think Sk8 TV was Simon’s show. He may have been on it once.

  27. He is mentioned in the new movie “The Man Who Souled The WOrld”

    Steve Rocco, creator of World Industries, sued Woodstock for running an ad that was very graphic about Rocoo.

    Rocco settled out of court demanding 100,000 dollars and Woodstock to leave and never return to the skateboard industry.

    Woodstock has never been seen in skateboarding since.

  28. deez nizzles on October 31, 2007 - Reply

    I met the dude in 93′ or so and he was cool as shit, approachable and not ego vibing like most of the pro skaters of the time.
    But does anyone even care if he was a nice guy?

    Simon Woodstock was an original for sure, but at the same time you could place him somewhere in the pro-skater / clown tradition, a highly rare subspecies that includes lance mountain, harold hunter, mike york and the most recent incarnation, Louie Barletta amongst their own.
    Interestingly enough he was a san jose-area skater, at least i think so, just like two other skaters on the short list above.
    All pro skaters who turn christian instantly become unpopular, unless they ride for zero. And simon definitely never rode for zero.

  29. Lance is still popular in my book, and my book aint the “Good Book.”

  30. CannibalKyle on November 23, 2007 - Reply

    I remember an add for GrindKing with Simon,Sad, and Daewon. The first skate mag I ever bought about 15 years ago had a feature interview with him. I was always impressed with his style, riding everything from fishtanks to fender strats, Archery targets to basketball nets. I used to know of a website with a huge photo gallery of him. It’s to bad to find out he’s “in the fold” He was anything but talentless

  31. Arch Stanton on February 3, 2008 - Reply

    I remember the 411 tape that Fernando mentioned above. I wanted to put an extra set of trucks on the other side of my board at the time, but it seems like I didn’t have bolts long enough or something…

    I think it was him that did a Backflip Kickflip on flat ground. He basically did a normal kickflip, except when he jumped up while his feet were off the board, he did a blackflip in midair and landed it. It was a 8 or 10 photo sequence in Thrasher, I believe, it must have been between 93 and 96, because I got out of skating around 96. I’ve looked everywhere on the net, but I’ve never found anyone else who has done that trick.

  32. Shawn F tells me there are two guys working on kickflips on surfboards.

    • A guy named Zoltan from my area did it a while ago. Pretty sick! I goaded Fletcher to do it for years but he always made excuses..

      • kEITHrOUTON on June 29, 2013 - Reply

        ‘Zoltan’ the artist? LOVE that guys work. DUDE, Simon,, We went to Hazelwood Elementary together until like 5th grade. In fact I stayed the night a couple of times when you lived on the corner of Sunnyoaks by 7-11.. I seem to remember stealing some beers out of a mini-fridge in the garage or a workshop…ring any bells?

  33. I remember buying a pair of simon woodstock signature vans shoes on a family trip to florida around 97.
    I was just getting into skating and bmx at the time and had no idea who he was, the shoes were a little bit like the tnt II vans that are out now but with a less defined stripe on the side, they also featured a stars and stripes hologram on the top of the tongue padding. possibly the best pair of skate shoes i’ve ever had!

    • I still have a pair that I skate in. The best thing about having a pro shoe is you get to design it exactly how you like it. cheers.

  34. SKATEANDAHOY,MATEY on February 12, 2008 - Reply

    This baggy purple pants wearing, low flip tricks bouncing off the ground, Fresh jive/ Raw vibes/ SMP/ era in early 90’s did produce alot of sillyness. It was also a really pivitol time in skateboarding. I remember Woodstock(and Wiess,Bill)were both very CKY before there was CKY. Woodstock boxed “Stickyfingaz” (of Onyx fame)on MTV, not so sure about beating up anyone from Suicidal Tendencies. He did ride for Sonic,Vans, Grindking and Blockhead is the only board company I can recall. I wanna say he was at 1 point on a Rocco co….Blind? I dunno but he would pop up frequently in Big Brother which was a Rocco mag in the begining. He did rip tho,the shit he was doing cracked me up but it was creative, and he had skills. Since we are on it, we need a “where are they now” on the following of that era: Wade Speyer, Jonas Wray, Ocean Howell, Lance Conklin and Andy Roy…tho Birdo told me a few months ago Roy just got outta jail so you can probably guess where he’s at now.

  35. I guarantee you will be seeing some stuff of Simon soon enough.

  36. Skully on March 19, 2008 - Reply

    Simon and i both grew up skateboarding in San Jose, so i spied him a lot. Hed was cocky and i was withdrawn, so i can’t say i ever said more than the occasional “what’s up”, but dammit was he impressive on the 4 wheeler. One of the special ones, for sure. He had a head start, as his mom owned winchester skate shop and let him run it, basically as a toy. It bellied up by the late 80’s, can’t remember if it was hitched to the old winchester skatepark that caballero honed many of his chops at. But yeah, rich kid in trouble syndrome is a common one and he was a poster child from what i could see. Always liked him for being punk rock in an ever mtv/hip-hop threatened subculture, my subculture. Then he became mtv material & we see how that goes. Saw him once, late 80’s, at a contest in santa cruz with a wicked metal hinged knee brace & cane, hobbling around, and it remains my most vivid mental picture of him. But he went deep into some terrible music territory with a canned mtv fake metal rap band for a spell. Then one day he walked into streetlight records, where i worked, sold all his satanic image bearing music stuff and walked off to what i recall being a seminary, to become a cleryman. He was, after all, part of the north SJ Church-ramp crew, which required skaters to sit patiently thru a sermon before partaking in their awesome wooden structures… pretty tempting at a time when skaters were still criminals, not supermodels, and skateparks were a distant memory. I think Jason Adams, & maybe Salman rode that Church scene for a while too. Smart move. Several of those kooks went on to turn pro and expand their talents in a way some of the rest of us were left to only dream about. I hope you’re happy, Simon… and still rolling around once in awhile. -Jason Biggs

  37. Jason Biggs, WTF? I didnt know your lame ass skated…you actually got breaks from filming another crappy american pie sequel or ripoff? did you actually fuck shannon elizabeth or did you get fucked by eugene levy?

  38. Bryan on May 2, 2008 - Reply

    I ended up here courtesy of the Google looking for any info on Simon. I used to work for a skateboard wheel manufacturer and worked with Simon on his ill fated wheel company which was being bankrolled by Rich Metiver, who used to run Speed Wheels and Slimeballs and made crazy money on that. Metiver dropped out of it for awhile but started up a new company ( I want to say it was called Union but can’t remember for sure ) and they were just getting started with Woodstock Wheel Co. when Simon did the ad about Rocco (mentioned above) and they both got their butts sued, big time. It was Simon’s deal but Metiver was the only one with any money and that’s who ended up paying. I don’t remember the part about Simon having to leave the industry for good, but that would explain his disappearance.

    Simon was a really cool guy who didn’t take himself too seriously, but no mistake, the guy could fucking skate. It was a different era, that’s for sure. Today is so image conscious do one thing that is perceived as being kooky and you’re pretty much hosed for life in today’s skate industry, damaged goods.

  39. Robert Hunter on June 6, 2008 - Reply

    Wow, a Simon Woodstock thread. What a trip. I was about 4 years behind Simon, but I totally remember Winchester Skate Shop and all the antics that went down there. His mom was great- just a sweetheart of a lady, who really wanted to hook us neighborhood kids up with the best deal. Simon was kind of a nut. He was always doing some wierd shit in front of the shop. Or coaxing one of the groms to do something stupid for a laugh. One of my sustaining memories of him was him rolling around sportin’ a mohawk and smoking a cigar. But shit, it’s been 20 years or so since then. I think I saw him at the “Skate Church” (as we called it) in ’91 or 2, but that was the last time I think I ever saw him. I guess he’s heavy into preaching now. Shit, I guess one of us was actually paying attention during the mandatory sermons….

  40. I was a good friend of Simons for quite a long time. After the Winchester days he got a job working at another local Skate Shop called Gremic. Gremic was our local hang out and for a long time we hung out with Simon daily. Actually after he got a DUI, I was his ride everywhere for a while.

    Let me tell you all about Simon as a person:
    first things first, all he ever did was to love to make people laugh. He was always laughing himself and would constantly play jokes on people. He was a real genuine guy. I remember when he fucked up his knee bad. It took a toll on him but never brought him down.
    His whole skating deal was this. He had the best style ever and would pull of anything he tried. It was crazy. But his mark was to be different. So while other people were progressing and pulling new tricks, he’d invent insane shit from old tricks. He loved doing back-side lip- slides and jumping around on the board or pretending to be surfing. He’d always show up to a session with a big smile on his face and would catch the eye of the even most insane skaters.
    Simon loved his Iron Maiden, Ozzy, and punk. In my 6 years of skating, he was a genuine guy and I am glad to call him a friend. Last time I saw him was about 10 years ago. I was producing a TV show in SF and saw him at the Bammies. He of course was wearing his Penny suit. We talked a lot about skating and life in general.
    Simon Woodstock is an original.

  41. Brad aka handstandman!! on June 15, 2008 - Reply

    If I remember correctly, they used to have boxing matches at the Vans Warped Tour. Pound for pound no one could touch him.
    I think he cleaned the singer from Pennywise’s clock.
    The Clown deserves respect.

  42. simon woodstock was one of my favorite skaters he had a company called woodstock skateboards and he also spent time skating for vans and airalk and sonic skateboards and anarchy eyewear

  43. Patrick on July 14, 2008 - Reply

    I remember Simon Woodstock from some gory but funny “hand in the mixer” ad (I forgot from which company) and from the Laban Pheidias’ skateboard /juggling video from 1996. I guess it was called “Caught Clean” where Simon also got a small part.

  44. For the record, Steve Rocco was a complete hypocritcal prick for that lawsuit BS- what a total baby.

    I just watched the man who souled the world- I remember Rocco from the 80’s.. he was a pudgy 3rd rate freestyler that none of us teens at the time really cared about. Obviously, he’s a huge dick and the lawsuit thing proved it to everyone.

    The funny thing is, now when I think about Rocco (and I had practically forgotten about the dude) I just think about what a dick he obviously is- and not his has-been freestyling, and definitely not his “contribution” to skateboarding. If anything, he just ushered in an era of dickiness in skating.

    Simon should come back- he sounds alot cooler than Rocco.

  45. I must say that simon is sort of a role model for me. his style of kateboarding and his creativety is devine!
    anyone knows how old he is and stuff like that? someone should make a wikipedia site about him!

  46. I actually went to Bible College with him. He’s a class act. What’s amazing about him now is that he rarely talks skating. In fact, he’s very reluctant to talk about it at all. I got to know him pretty good and he never brought up the fact that he was once a world class skater. He’s very humble with that part of his life. It was refreshing to see that. He now does missions trips and helps folks out. Real good guy.

  47. a company of wolves on September 11, 2008 - Reply

    the shoe on shoe off kick flip was kinda a signiture thing of his, as were skating milk crates, having a board flipped by a 3rd party while he was in mid ollie…blah blah blah….he actually had a signiture shoe on vans for a while. i’m sure he thought he was doing skating a huge favour by making it more “accessable”. personally, i just thought he was a bit of a jerk. but then again, i was only just out of Blind oversized peach coloured jeans, so who am i to talk….

  48. simon was a total jerk. he was all about attention for himself. there was a huge backlash against him and he became a total joke to almost everyone. thrasher magazine listed him in its top 5 most hated skaters of all time. he crashed hard and became a hardcore christian, a total self-righteous preacher. where else could he go? christians will accept anyone if you lip their lines correctly, which he became very good at, out of necessity, no doubt.

    • Garrett on August 2, 2011 - Reply

      You’re problem isn’t with Simon(you’ve got no evidence to show that you even know or knew the guy) or with christians (sheesh those egotistical jerks who accept people and love them) it’s your own conscience you wrestle with. Truth is the only one I think is a jerk after reading your post is YOU!!! Was that the point you were trying to make?

    • Great post actually. Let free media ride!!

  49. simon today: Facebook

  50. oh, he’s the first under “5 most love-starved skaters”

  51. I am pretty sure Rocco ran simon out of the skate industry after he put an add in with a clown butt railing rocco. I think they settled out of court but part of the deal was that Simon was never to return to the skate industry

  52. On the surface it seems like some of your early ads were attack ads. Then recently there was the Woodstock ad that featured a likeness of you, and you went after Simon Woodstock and Rich Metiver for that. Again, on the surface it seems kind of hypocritical, like, “Wait, didn’t he do all that stuff to these other people?” But when someone does it to you, you go after them.

    Rocco: We never did anything making fun of Woodstock or Metiver in ads–we never did anything. I mean, the only thing we did to them was sue the shit out of them and take more money than they probably had. That was that. T

  53. tweeds on June 24, 2009 - Reply

    Steve Rocco is a total d-bag. He got his start making fun of the big 3 and then he got a taste of his own medicine. He could dish it out but he couldn’t take. Like when Girl split off from him. Ever since that fate full summer when Carroll and the boys went around the country on Rocco’s dime all the while promoting their new company “GIRL”. And where is world industries now? Kids buy that crap in sporting good stores. They are the now comparable to Nash of Rocco’s era. Rocco became the thing he originally hated.

  54. Sk8 D on June 24, 2009 - Reply

    I skated with Simon Woodstock, Nanda Zipp, and Weeman Jason Acuna back in 1994 at a demo in San Antonio Texas. Im pretty sure Simon was skating a normal board during this demo, and i remember him tail dropping off of a 4′ tall wall over a 4′ wide deck into a really steep 5′ quarter pipe…shit was crazy. We had Lone Stars that night and learned that Wee Man had been kicked out of Austin the night before for getting drunk offensive and naked at a bar somewhere on 6th street….needless to say they were all super nice, down to earth and all talented skaters. I’d say the following year or maybe that year is when the big brother crap took off…..

    • We were kind of bummed because we looked all over Austin for a mechanical bull and couldn’t find one anywhere. After about 3 hours we realized that it was primarily a college town with now cowboys, at least the region where we were that night.

  55. Ear ache on March 13, 2010 - Reply

    I remember the battle of the clowns… Simon Woodstock vs. Shawn Palmer it was suppose to be this big deal had ads and stuff then Palmer bailed out and I thought that he fought Mike from Suicidal…

    • Yeah, that’s exactly what happened. pretty scary for a minute then no prob..

      • Cecil Campbell on May 30, 2013 - Reply

        Don’t quit your (former) day job. Or, join UFC, since you can probably still box better than a lot of THOSE guys… but, that’s not sayin much. Either boxing skill is harder to come by than skating skill, (which it may be, since there are fewer that excell at boxing), or, it just hardly ever gets near the time put into it by candidates as skateboarding does. Who knows, maybe the new vert kids will spearhead a generational desire for something ballsier than Ultimate Groping, though. Cuz look, boxers hardly ever get more Charlie Browned than that old skateboarder Jake Brown did, ma, and Billy’s parents let him skateboard the megaramp… and Jake still does… so please can I get K the F O?

  56. WOEuntoJOO on March 15, 2010 - Reply

    I got in trouble in elementary school for having a copy of Thrasher with Simon Woodstocks bare pecker in it. Happened to be the first page my teacher opened up to. Thanks to that fag my Thrasher and Samhain tape got confiscated in the same day. It was devastating for a 12 year old.

  57. Didn’t know who this guy was back in the day, but I used to have a pair of Vans simon woodstock signature shoes. Kinda blue with a white heel, and hologram US flag vans logo on the tounge. must have kept those shoes for years, comfiest pair ever, finally let them go earlier this year after 14 years of service!

  58. I knew him from a few places. Skatechurch, as well as around at local spots. I eventually went to West Valley college and he was there too. I remember that we shared a studio with a band who was friends with him and they put up a Sketch poster in our room. Somebody drew all over the bands faces and they got pissed at us about it.

    Simon was always really nice to me, and I know that he is working in the church now and that is his path, and I wish him well in it.

  59. I met and worked with Simon back in 96 – 97, when I worked for Van’s shoes. I traveled to Minnesota with him and Tom Boyle and Steve Caballero and we broke into a skate park around 2 in the morning so they could skate. He was doing a signing at the new Van’s store and he wore his “jolly Green Giant” suit. Another night there when we went out he bought a complete “cowboy outfit” to try and “fit in”. He was great. We went clubbing and he never even drank anything but 7up. He was very down to earth and we always had a blast with him wherever we were. The last time I saw him was on the Vans warped tour in Tahoe back in 1998 (or 99) and he was in a band that was playing that day. He was a great skater and a great person.

  60. Simon ended his career by saying something about steve rocco (world industries) and was banned banned from media …Steve rocco blackmailed him..Any way its good he found God.
    We are all going to die any way..How long will you be remembered? Stick you finger in a bucket of water and see how long the impression lasts…Your only hope is to bring some people with you to heaven..

  61. mezmer on June 25, 2011 - Reply

    For everyone on here that acts like they know every move that Simon has made over the years…he IS skating again. He is a team rider for Assault. http://assaultskates.com/blog/

    • And the important thing is, God didn’t ask him to bury anyone in a board bag.

  62. DOES ANYONE HAVE A COPY OF THE ROCCO AD??? never saw it back in the day but knew of the ruckus it caused. sounds worthy of a post for infamy’s sake!

  63. shamus on July 16, 2012 - Reply

    Yup, it’s true, Simar (Simon) turned to the religified side of things. We went out with him to one of the first Flogging Molly shows at the Usual. He was wearing the teddy bear suit that night. He disappeared shortly after that. The chick he was roommates with used to work at NC boardshop told us the news of the religion thing. Very strange. He also played in a band called Sketch. He rode for Sonic with Crabtree, the Kid and the Wee-Tang (what up Acuna!!??). He was a sick skater. I rode for Winchester skate shop when he/his parents owned that. His parents ruled!!! Not another skater that will come close to how funny the dude was or how creative he was. Great guy, miss him these days….

  64. Hey, I’m not dead or anything. All of you should come to SJ and lets skate.

    • Hey Simon. I have many fun memories of skating out in front of Winchester Skateshop.

  65. We can skate and then afterwards you can help me get shagged. Been dying for a good screw for quiet some time. My poonanie is a tad itchy.

  66. You know Simon it is just not fair. I’m a virgin but you got to have all that sex and you were still saved. God must hate us women.

  67. manny on June 6, 2013 - Reply

    first skater i seen getting in to skateboarding was simon woodstock never seen skateboarding before my friends gave me a complete i had idea what to do! i was watch i forgot watch station it was i think it was 1998 and this guy was skating for these kids all rad and gnarly i was like damn thats skateboarding. then he stops gives all the kids stickers and chilled and thats when i knew skateboarding bring everyone together against all odds. i dont skte anymore but im sure if i didnt i would have never got into puck rock witch led to hardcore and metalcore and im sure id be somebody i wouldnt like so hats off to Simon the Gnarly Clown Woodstock

  68. manny on June 8, 2013 - Reply

    sounds like a plan again thanks for my inspiration back then and now! peace and one love

  69. RobbJ on June 29, 2013 - Reply

    Hey Simon. Any chance of re-releasing some Winchester Skateshop T-shirts?

    • I’ve definitely thought about it but time and money are keeping it from happening. Keep an eye out though as we may have a shop reunion next year in Campbell, CA and might make some shirts.

  70. deadkidz on August 9, 2013 - Reply

    Simon do you know who did the artwork on al those sonic decks with the clown and circus im trying to get some prints of those and its been tough hunting.

    • SimOn WooDstOck

    • It was a Kevin Marburg/Mike Prosenko collaboration. I have no idea how to get the orig artwork as most of the stuff is buried in people’s garages and attics with no real desire to dig any of it out yet.

  71. […] circus, his mad clown graphics from the 90s, shoes, booze and much more! Don’t know Simon? Read here, here and check his website for his current activities as well as archived magazine interviews from […]

  72. Beetlejuice on February 17, 2014 - Reply

    Hi Simon! You made skating fun and it was always great to see what you were riding next! Wish you the best and keep shredding!

  73. brixton on March 13, 2014 - Reply

    I agree with Beetlejuice. Simon made skating crazy fun! Back when we were all rocking tiny wheels, big jeans and we were all just a bunch of clowns trying to have fun on our useless wooden toys! 🙂 How freaking cool is it that he actually comes here to answer some of us!? You know, I never understood calling skateboarding a “sport” as it’s more of an art form than a sport. Creativity is everything! Simon was definitely highly creative and it was Simon, Mike V and Lance Mountain that were my three favs of all time. Keep skating and doing your thing man! Happy to hear your still riding.

  74. I was 3 years behind Simon. So when I was 16 and at my absolute prime I remember looking up to the World camp before LoveChild. When it 1st started, When it was Jessie Matinez blahblah.
    -For the Record- The dude DID rip. This dude was nailing kickflips and tre flips on par with Jason Lee and Kareem.
    -WHat happened was being serious was BORING. I saw it in almost every skater back then. And it was th etotal opposite of todays poster boy Dyrdek sellout contest. They are almost too painful to watch. Esp considering that Koston and Chris Cole had sooo much rep in the 90’s.
    –Woodstock was easily top 5 with board control. Not Rodney Mullen but nobody is Mullen. But I bet he was on par with Dawan Song before Daewan passed him bye with all the pop shuv-it variations..Tre flips and pressure flips/impossibles were different in 1990 because only the 1% we’re doing them, and then only a few we’re able to do them into other things like tail slides etc.i remember kickflipping to railslide being the coolest move because you had to commit yourselve and would eat it hard.((im talking little 5 step hubba)
    –I respect guys who didn’t want to be serious under 25-30 years old.. wtf man the dude was young… we all we’re..

    –I think theres a huuuuge underground part of this Rocco story then we’ll never know. There would have been SOOO MANY small companies that would have signed him.. the dude fell off as if there we’re a death threat… sucks because we needed a Rodney Mullen who wasn’t so stiff & corny.
    ps: I hated those vans btw. That suicidal dude always got on my nerves. I only skated to punk and still do,,but he seemed to complain a lot. reminds of Stain Aaron Lewis..wheh wheh wheh. someone give the baby a pepsi already 😀

  75. Rebax on April 8, 2016 - Reply

    He also skated for “new school” skateboards if I’m not mistaken, no ones mentioned that. Also I recall a weird letter to the editor about him in “lowlife” zine, which was Powell’s come lately attempt to do a big brother type thing. This was probably 94. Pearce.

  76. Amanda on May 3, 2016 - Reply

    I still have my Simon Woodstock Devil’s Knockout deck I got from Cali4nia Skatexpress as a high school grad gift in ’97. Prized possession for many years, I really wish I had gotten a photo before I started grinding it. I don’t skate anymore but I like to trip kids out by borrowing with their board and nailing a kick flip.


  77. Andre on March 3, 2017 - Reply

    Who was the guy around 1990-91 that was riding the super skinny board? I think he rode for blockhead but I might be wrong?

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