Zero Hero – Zorlac – 1991

  1. Yes! The video that made made me ask you to join Skate and Annoy. I was reading one of your other posts a while ago and started digging around for more old videos online and found this Zorlac video. Here were my thoughts in order:

    1. Zorlac made a video?
    2. I should put this on Skate and Annoy
    3. I should put all kinds of old videos up
    4. This guy (Chompy) already does a better job of that.

    So.. getting back to #1. I never knew they even made a video.

    I met a girl (woman, I guess) working at a restaurant Portland who noticed my Gringo sweatshirt. She said she used to date Craig Johnson and knew Newton as well.

  2. by the time this video came out, wasn’t Newton no longer involved? And weren’t they in CA by this time?

  3. and I disagree about Gringo being his focus. Gringo is all but dead. Check out the product pages. Tons of great looking Zorlac stuff, while the Gringo product page is very thin and very uninspired.

  4. I would imagine most people would be buying the Zorlac decks because of the nostalgia, which doesn’t exist for his Gringo line. It’s strange that he would try to start up a completely different name at all…

  5. Randy can explain that Mr. Chompy.

  6. Hey I just figured out that I am Jimmy Finley/and his gal’s vet!

  7. Zorlac was owned by somebody else, so he couldn’t use that name at first. He reacquired the rights to the name and then started rebranding Gringo decks with the Zorlac name.

  8. Brad – Are there HIPAA issues with broadcasting your client’s names? If not, what kind of animals do they keep? 🙂

  9. Yeah that propbaly wasn’t professional, but now its done. Jimmy’s cool, I met him at Burnside once. They love their cats man!

  10. didnt zorlac make a second video?

  11. Newtron sold out Texas Zorlac circa 88 but allegedly started selling reissued Zorlacs in the past resurgence and got the cease and desist I guess. His book would be kick ass!

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