When is a grind a grind?

World's longest grind?

If you are tired of discussing the merits of found pools versus skatepark replicas, you can move on to arguing about when is a grind a grind? Enter this so-called World’s Longest Grind video. Watch the video and we’ll break it down for you after the jump.

Update: I am a tool. I own this video (The Firm) and I didn’t remember this segment. On top of that, It’s filmed in my own home town.


  1. Looks like a grind
  2. Very, very long
  3. He sticks it.
  4. Train sound effects add to atmosphere

  1. Is it actually a grind? I mean how much actual hanger contact is there?
  2. Ramps on and off make it appear like a HotWheels track.
  3. Metacafe? Come on. The kids love You Tube an MySpace!

Har, har. Whatever. It looks fun. Kudos for pulling it off and actually catching it on video. Here’s the link to the original post where you can read people’s inane comments on whether or not skateboarding is mentally taxing. For real? Yes. Internet hissy fits are the best. Except if you wan to start one here.


  1. I think that’s from “The Firm” video that starts with Burnquist’s Baldy loop attempt. Isn’t that the Lovejoy viaduct in Portland? I saw that a while back but can’t remember what it is. I check that thing out everyday and wonder If I could do it. The seams are really big. Dumb maybe but probably harder than it looks.

  2. It’s Matt Beach doing the grind from the Firm video. It’s down the westside ramp of the Broadway bridge going into the Pearl district. The ramps for getting on and off the railing have skate stoppers on them now. I drive by that thing every day after work and yes, the seams are pretty big. Also wonder how much speed you’d get grinding down that.

  3. Danimal on January 3, 2007 - Reply

    for some reason the video link is not showing up for me, is this grind longer than the one at the end of “Welcome to Hell” (Toy Machine)? I think it was Jamie thomas and the grind was ollied into on a level handrail and lasted forever.

  4. Geez. I think I own that video. I thought It looked like Portland too. Man am I a nerd.

    Danimal – here’s the link

  5. no style.

  6. It doesn’t take style to do that….just balls and balance. Note that they used 5 gallons of bond-o to seal the cracks that they (the filmers) removed when done because they didn’t want anyone else to attempt it. BUNG!

  7. looks like something from a stupid Tony Hawk video game. I’d prefer to see Jason Adams rip a slappy on a small curb than watch that dull shit.

  8. Ah come on. It’s fun. Sometimes you gotta do something just because you think you can, even if it has no style or looks like a video game. Come on guys, don’t be so jaded. It’s skateboarding! Wheee!

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