Metals- Boston Skate scene from the 80's

A follow up to a follow up. First Boston Hospital, then Turtles, and now Metals. More pics from this local Boston spot shot circa 1987 after the jump.

More shots from the old road trip. Metals was a spot that I knew nothing about, but my host told me to check out. The locals were friendly and stoked. I think it was hot as hell. Click the pics to enlarge.

Here’s the overview.

Metals- Old School Boston Skate scene from the 80's

Awesome 80’s fashion in effect. Word to your mother. Riders unknown.
metals 80's Boston skate action

I can’t remember who or what were the Suttaheads, or Sutta Heads, but I remember this was funny or interesting for some reason. Ah, the local colloquialisms.
Metals - Boston

Left: I think this was a sort of wall plant/hand plant and not just a street plant. Right: No comply nose grab that was not always a bail.
metals 80's Boston skate action

Blood on metal. This was taken after a kid split his head on the edge!
Metals - Boston

Left: Hey bone head! More blood on Metals. On the right: These Boston photos eventually made it into issue 8 of Skate and Anoy, AKA the Lost Issue (weren’t they all?) We sat on the photos through a couple of issues. Lost or last? Number 8 was ironically and unintentionally the last issue for a long, long time. Boston skate scene 80's


  1. DStone on April 25, 2011 - Reply

    How can I get here? I live in Brookline. I want to take some shots for a project

  2. I think those were right in front of the Government Center parking structure near Faneuil Hall.

  3. Yeah, corner of Congress and New Chardon St. Google street view shows Metals there now, but I think they used to be across Congress, not here. I don’t remember it being under the parking garage like it is now. Also looks like they’ve surrounded the base with river rocks in one view. Oh, well.

  4. houseofneil on April 25, 2011 - Reply

    Swiv on the front cover of issue 8 railsliding a wooden rail in a parking lot on 4th street. On a Blockhead Notchnose. In the snow.

  5. Metals has moved around so much in the past 15 or so years, and has had a different way to skate it each time they move it.

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