MC at Turtles 1985

Hey someone was asking about the spot Turtles in Boston. Here’s a shot from Bodyslam four photo by Glen Goldstein

Check out the Town and Country surf shorts!


  1. Whoa. Blast from the past. I used to live very close to Turtles from ’82-’86 and skated there all the time. Boneless ones and airs over that hip you are on were raging. It was/is just a cool place to cruise over to and bomb around on. Considering that there was very little else in terms of banks or even transition at the time that wasn’t a bust, it was pretty amazing. Metal Ramps, Ringe Ave. pool and Turtles were just about it.

    Stark contrast to the present day where they’re planning the “biggest skatepark on the east coast” for Cambridge (also on the river). I posted a link to it over on SPS.

    Love the shorts. Darren Ho stylee.

  2. Here is a pic from the localCHAOS archive that MC sent me back in the early/mid 80s.

  3. Glen Goldstein on December 25, 2011 - Reply

    Holy shit, just found this. Those were the days man. We didn’t have skateparks. There were a few ramps but they were always 50 miles away, and you had to put up with the personalities of the ramp owners and their famailies! First Ramp I ever skated- Danvers, Ma, then Derby Westons almost a real ramp) in Marblehead. Met Mark in Danvers- he was driving by while I was skating. I wound up on the front page of the Boston Globe skating that skinny little thing! We soon found out all the real ramps- Braintree, Paxton, Freddy Smith in Taunton; Chelmsford with Dougy the owner. Will’s in Newton. Went to high school with Jake Phelps- we would downhill big hills in Marblehead at 2 in the morning while tripping on acid! Glad he’s doin good. Gave it up in 86 to play guitar and heal, then turned to martial arts, and been active in it ever since good for the body too). Just recently bought a Dogtown Skateboard and showed up at the local skatepark in Clearwater, FL and blew all the little kiddies minds. Haven’t been back since, but use it almost every night on what little hills we have around here. Downhill is still king!!!

    Glen (Grinna/ Heebstein) Goldstein

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