Instant punchline: Skateboarding adults

Harriet Miers Quits White House, Wants to Spend More Time Skateboarding

Skateboarding adults are funny. Lulu Maude gives it the old Onion try in her post titled Harriet Miers Quits White House, Wants to Spend More Time Skateboarding Check it out here. Lulu’s profile says she is a “a retired schoolmarm.” What’s a schoolmarm anyway? Did she retire in the 1920’s? Just in case Take Your Medicine folds, we’ve got it here too.

Nice photoshop work Lulu. Harriet Miers appears to be favor old school plastic boards from the 70’s. That’s appropriate for a woman her age.

From Harriet Miers Quits White House, Wants to Spend More Time Skateboarding on Take Your Medicine.

White House Counsel Harriet Miers submitted her resignation today, saying that she wanted to spend more time with her skateboard.

“I just woke up one day and asked myself what I was doing, hanging around an admittedly cute President and trying to pretend that I respected his mind,” Miers told a confidante. “Then I realized that hardly anybody liked him anymore, including me. Besides, I’m getting pretty good on this thing,” she said, pointing to her skateboard. Our source indicated that Miers was increasingly vexed by Bush’s nickname for her, Bird Legs.

Miers began “shredding” as a way of working off the stress of her job. She has become a local fixture at area skate parks but has longed for the longer season available in Texas.

Mr. Bush said that he is sorry to see Miers go, but wishes her a “gnarly” retirement.

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  1. My whole involvement in skateboarding has been ironic. The time I put in skateboarding, advocating for skateparks, drawing-writing-photographing-web publishing about skateboarding, driving to skateparks, recovering from injuries is all an elaborate ruse to allow me to snicker inwardly at all of you old guys and your childish pastime.

    Well, I wish that’s how it was.

    Hey, that was funny not because she’s an adult but because it would she seems an unlikely person to be a skateboarder. A skater working for the Bush administration? There probably are a couple but what a weird thing to contemplate. Why not? Just because someone works for an ass doesn’t mean they’re an ass, but even an ass could be a skateboarder.

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