Grover’s Video Korner #7: Spark Torch Trucks

Grover's Video Corner #7 - Spark trucks

So kooks here are the trucks for you, they SPARK they are fun they make every session 1 step better. They turn. The axels do not slip. What more could you ask for? And the clotihng line is popular you can find jocks at any high school wearing their stuff that you found cool ten years ago, oops that is the Independent Truck co., sorry. These trucks are as good as any I have ridden. Shoot me an E-mail And let me know what you think of this review losers. Peace Off – Grover

Spark trucks

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  1. Must… work… on… screen… presence…

    Oh man, what a joy I must be to skate with. I think that was the day I took a bottle of sleeping pills before the session.

    This marks the last time anyone will ever send us something to review. I have a proper review for Torch Trucks in the works. I can sum it up up by saying the trucks do indeed spark, and people will make fun of you for using them while secretly or not so secretly wanting to try them. They are basically a Tracker Truck with flints embeded in them. I was never able to get comfortable on these trucks. I tried with multiple bushing setups but they always felt awkward to me.

  2. Next time try the Coleman white fuel.

  3. Danimal on January 4, 2007 - Reply

    or gasoline. and dont use those if you have a gas leak in your home.

  4. Just think, If you skated a remote area and then became lost in the woods, these trucks may save your life. Think about it.

  5. It stokes me to hear that Bow Wow Wow track getting its due justice…

  6. They are the best when it gets dark.

  7. tail devils nice

  8. So who’s going to make the first sparking rails? And how are those trucks going to work with my copers on?

  9. Trent Garcia on June 22, 2007 - Reply

    Hey my name is Trent Garcia….. Um Yah my father invented Torch Trucks his name is Greg Garcia if you don’t beleive me tan email me and we’ll talk

    Trent Garcia

  10. go guy, cool stuff!!!

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