Dwindle: What’s good for the goose…

IASC meeting - Transworld Business

From Transworld Business: A momentous IASC meeting leads to a more united front among skate hardgoods manufacturers… …a who’s who meeting of skateboard hardgoods manufacturers met to discuss why blank skateboard decks have become so popular, what that is doing to the heart of the industry, and how the manufacturers could band together to effect change.

Check out this quote from Dwindle’s Bod Boyle:

If we have a generation of skateboarders who grow accustomed to what a blank-product costs and if they think a blank product is as good as branded product, then we really will open the doors to these huge retailers

Hmmmm…. I seem to remember a similar conversation about manufacturing skateboards in China. That’s funny, Dwindle came in on the other side of the argument.

So we’re calling out Dwindle on being hypocrits. If they are so worried about the commodification of skateboards, why are they cranking out cheap decks in China? This deck graphic below is a pretty funny creation from Conscience Skateboards out of Milwaukee Wisconsin. This deck is long sold out but it’s still a good editorial comment.

Conscience Skateboards - China Bear

Remember when World Industries was cool? Yeah we barely do either. Here’s an interview with Rocco and Mullen from 2000, when they were already past the point of no return. It’s a good one though, because it talks about the early days of infamy.


  1. danimal on December 8, 2006 - Reply

    the pic of the two dudes you have there (bod and somebody?) would be better if you photoshopped some $$$ over their eyes.

  2. I guess they ARE hypocrites! The other guy is Steve Douglas, who was one of the best lip trick guys in the late ’80’s. Good to see his photo, even if he has become a greedy purveyor of Chinese-made decks, spinning an evil web of lies. Reminds me of some good sessions long, long ago. Bet he still rips.

  3. […] We’ve weighed in on “The War on Blanks” before, but it keeps popping up, and looks like it’s going to be an industry focus in 2007. Personally, I can’t respect hypocrisy, which is what I see when a company says blanks are bad for the industry but chinese manufacturing is good. It’s all about the profit margins. I think it’s a case where the industry has made it’s own bed and now doesn’t want to sleep in it. What I’d like to see is information on where these blanks coming from and how many different skateboard manufacturers actually exist. The quote coming from George’s mouth above is actually from Andrew reynolds on the web site called “A World Without Pros.” More hypocrisy and links concerning the War on Blanks and the War on George Bush as expressed on skateboards after the jump. […]

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