Volcano Errupts at Boston City Hospital

Boston City Hospital

This spot has to be a mega-bust, if not skate-proofed by now. Boston City Hospital circa ’88. I spent about a week there ( in the city, not the hospital ) while on a road trip. It was a bust then but you could still get a session if you were smart about it. I think they used to mention it in Thrasher every once and while, so I made sure to check it out when I was there. More pics after the jump.

You can click on the pics to enlarge. Bostonians? Somebody check in and let us know the status. Is it still there? Below: Security making his presence felt. Hey man, I’m just taking pictures!

Boston City Hospital

The overhead shot. Notice the banked triangle next to the stairs in the upper left corner.

Boston City Hospital

These are the stairs and banks we spoke of earlier. This kid just happened to be on scene when I left. Shortly after this picture was taken I was verbally accosted by a homeless person for skating.

Boston City Hospital

The classic shot. I’ve seen skateparks that weren’t as skateable as this obstacle.

Boston City Hospital


  1. I skated there at 1:00 AM one night for a little while back in ’92 or ’93. No problems with any cops or aggro homeless lurkers. Definitely a fun spot.

    Did you ever skate Turtles? That place was pretty cool too.

  2. Turtles, yes, or I want to say yes but I can’t remember the spot. What was it? I remember and have pics of a spot called Metals.

  3. …yeah Metals…I spent a summer as an intern at the National Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, Mass. You would not believe the intestinal parasite burden of the typical Harbor Seal. I took the train to Harvard one Sunday, it was raining and the skaters in Cambridge kept talking about wanting to hit Metals…I hurried back to Woods Hole to observe Limulus spp. I was in that kind of mode.

  4. poor mike on November 24, 2006 - Reply

    Oh yeah Dan Estabrooks old stomping grounds! Hey kilwag, have you heard anything from him?

  5. Peter: OK, no. Never made it to Turtles for whatever reason, just remembered the name.

    Poor Mike: I saw Dan briefly in Chicago at an art show in late 90’s. I don’t think he was much into skating anymore.

  6. chedisme on January 27, 2007 - Reply

    hey iv been to boston a few times and have looked for this spt for a few hours each time and still cant find it. iv been to two hospatals. can you please tell me what hospatal it is. thanks alot.

  7. […] Hey someone was asking about the spot Turtles in Boston. Here’s a shot from Bodyslam four photo by Glen Goldstein […]

  8. Boston City Hospital
    818 Harrison Ave
    Roxbury, MA 02118

    No idea if it’s still there. Rad spot.

  9. ..turtles is long gone…about 6 years ago maybe mo
    maybe less…..i think i heard city hospital got chopped down (home of the 3am sesh)..metals last time i checked was there ….with a 2 inch lip ..dont skate it in the
    rain it’ll take ya…

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