He’s OK!

Mark Conahan Concussion a the trifecta in Newberg

Mark Conahan scared the crap out of a lot of people at the Trifecta in Newberg Oregon today. He was coming down from a frontside air the capsule and met Salba charging head on. Mark had no idea what hit him, and he was out cold for about 3-5 minutes. He was having heavy ragged breathing, almost as if he was snoring. The flew him out on a helicopter, only to release him two hours later. He has a concussion (duh!) but otherwise is fine. I just left his house after downloading the pictures I took of him. I thought I’d give him a head start on posting this, but I still might beat him cause he’s not exactly the sharpest tack in the box right now. If he asks, tell him he agreed to leave Rebel and ride for Cold War shortly before blacking out. In all seriousness, Mark, we’re all glad you’re OK. That’s two concussions for our local crew in two weeks. These things come in threes, so I’m wearing my helmet. Oh yeah.. Trifecta Results. Women: Amelia Brodka. Masters: Glen Charnoski. Pro/Am: Mason Huggins! Now go check Mark’s site to see if I beat him to the punch. Update: He beat me to it! AND, he already has a comment! I’d like to point out that I didn’t snap any pictures untill after Mark was conscious and laughing at our weak attempts to bring some levity to the moment. Mark, Get up! Your up next!


  1. Thanks for the documentation dude. Very dramatic. I’m glad all my good friends were there to see me through. They probably could have put me on my feet for my run and it would have been okay. I feel pretty good today.A couple of sore spots on the noggin but otherwise prety good.

  2. Glad to hear it. We were all relieved when you woke up, wiggled your feet and laughed at our lame jokes. So when is the session?

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