Toy Machine: Fiber Prime Billy Marks deck

Toy Machine Billy Marks Fiber Prime deck

Toy Machine Fiber Prime deck, 8.0” X 31”

The fiber in this Fiber Prime deck isn’t made of wheat or bran like the breakfast cereals of the vegan Toy Machine guys but rather some man-made high-density thermal poly ply. The deck has 6 plies of wood and one of the special fiber material. The feel of this board isn’t really any different than a typical deck other than it does feel a bit stiffer to me. I stood on both the nose and tail at the same time and did the flex test and compared it to a new blank I have from a different manufacturer and the Fiber Prime board had less give to it. The pop on this thing is pretty good, comparable to other pro boards. The tail almost felt a bit convex but after skating the board for an hour I didn’t notice it anymore. At 8 inches wide it’s a bit wider than the average street deck but it worked out great for my tastes. I have been riding this thing for about 3 weeks now both in parks and in the streets, the pop is still there and I haven’t been able to break the board yet. I’m not doing any large stair jumps or big drops anymore but I went through my whole repertoire of board breakers (impossibles, kickflips, flatbar lipslides, etc.) and this thing has held up. I managed about 10 lipslides in a row on a small flatbar and I didn’t feel much flex in the center of this thing, it’s still strong. I managed to learn 360 flips on this board after about 30 tries, probably because it flips a bit easier than my 8.5 inch deck. The graphics on this board are nothing to brag about and are not really memorable in any way but that seems pretty common these days from the bigger skate companies. I’m not sure what country this deck was made in but its been pretty tough so far and of good quality. If you break a lot of boards you might have better luck with one of these Fiber Primes, they seem a bit tougher than a traditional all wood-ply board. I think they retail for the same as other decks, so that’s a plus. Made in the USA apparently, which is good news in my book.

Check out the concave.
Toy Machine Billy Marks Fiber Prime deck

What’s the deal with Fiber Prime construction technology?

  • High Performance thermoplastic composite
  • Exceptional Increased Stiffness
  • Reduced Breakage
  • Fatigue resistance, lasts longer
  • Slippery for increased slide ability
  • Environmentally friendly, no V.O.C. (Volatile organic compounds)

Toy Machine Billy Marks Fiber Prime deck

Toy Machine Billy Marks Fiber Prime deck

Thanks to Hass for doing a few backside airs to test thing out on the vert for me, he likes Billy Marks so much that he’s wearing Billy’s pro model shoes for the shot so it was a real treat for him to ride a Marks pro-model. I’m glad I was able to brighten up your day. Editor’s Note: I lost the photo Danimal sent, (Sorry Ryan) so here’s a bunch of photos of Dan skating on the deck.

Toy Machine Billy Marks Fiber Prime deck Toy Machine Billy Marks Fiber Prime deck Toy Machine Billy Marks Fiber Prime deck Toy Machine Billy Marks Fiber Prime deck

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