Sacrifice Skatebboards: Killer Cut Wheels

Sacrifice Skatebboards: Killer Cut Wheels

Sacrifice Skatebboards: Killer Cut – 97A wheels 63mm

New-ish from Sacrifice Skateboards are these 63mm wheels called Killer Kut. These guys make some fine wood, but how are they on the wheels? One thing you’ll notice is that they don’t sell a million kinds of wheels, or even a couple, just this one set. So what’s the deal?

Killer Kuts are 63mm, which is about 2-3mm bigger than I am used to riding. You wouldn’t think 2mm would make a difference at this size, and you’d be mostly right. I didn’t really have to adjust much to the size, but I did have to adjust to the hardness since I’m partial to 99’s . At first the softer durometer combined with the blocky profiles had me catching my wheels on the corners in some tight areas that I usually kind of shuffle the board through. After about a week I began to get used them, however and even came to appreciate the slightly softer ride on some rougher terrain, and even on an honest to god actual pool. The softer wheel means a more quite ride too. They were still a little hard for the crappy streets in my neighborhood, but the bigger wheels made it easier to roll. They are pretty speedy too. I found I was able to get a little more speed in a couple of spots that I normally had trouble with. This was also probably due to the increased size of the wheel, which got me out of a hang up or two as well.

The first thing you will notice if you order these wheels is that they aren’t white, but yellowish. They almost look like they are glow in the dark, but they aren’t. The graphics aren’t anything special either. The point is, a lot of board companies will dabble in wheels and since they aren’t their main focus, they might not get it right, or they won’t be anything special. The off color tint of the Killer Kuts could lead you to the same impression, but you’d be wrong. These are good wheels. Sacrifice is a small company that stands behind their products. If the wheels were crap I believe they wouldn’t try to sell them. Besides, if you look closely you may recognize the profile of these wheels and could therefore by association figure out where they were made. You would be surprised, but confident in their origin.

Killer Kuts are available from the Sacrifice web site for what may be a limited time. If you like a large wheel in the 97a durometer family, these are good deal. $29 delivered straight from an independent skateboard company. Also available at

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