Bones: SPF wheels 62mm and 60mm

Bones: SPF

Recently I picked up a set of the new Bones SPF (Skatepark Formula) wheels. Yes I bought into all hype that I read on the Concrete Disciples bulletin boards. Firstly these wheels are a little more expensive than the average set of wheels, I spent about $34 on the first set I bought compared to a set of non-SPF which would run about $25 or so. I must say that the extra few bucks was worth it for these wheels. I made the switch to the Bones SPF and I haven’t looked back since. These wheels are fast, they feel hard and they slide well on smooth skatepark concrete. One temporary down side is that the wheels were a little slick the first session that I skated them but once they were broken in I was able to control powerslides pretty well. I have been using the same set since July 2004 (4 months) and I have not yet been able to flatspot them. Powerslide after powerslide day after day and these suckers have held up unlike some other name brand wheels that get flatspotted within a couple of days (not to mention any brand in particular, starts with an S ends in fire). The first few sessions I skated with these wheels I was blown away, they were so fast that I was losing my board on landings until I got used to the new boost they gave me. I have noticed recently that they are losing some of their speed (after about 4 months of 3-5 sessions per week) but they have outlasted any other wheels I have owned in the past 5 years by far. I jumped at the chance last month to buy 2 sets at a closeout price of $16 per set.

Bones: SPF

One noticeable thing about these wheels is their appearance, when brand new they look like they are made of plastic, as if they should be on a Chinese board being sold at Target. This appearance is deceiving and fades once they get used and dirty. The other noticeable difference in these wheels compared to standard urethane is the sound. The SPF wheels have a unique sound I would say that they sound a little crisper than non-SPF wheels. The performance is top notch, despite the funny appearance and sound and I’ve noticed more and more people riding them lately.

These wheels are targeted at the skatepark skater who will be riding smooth concrete, I haven’t had the chance to test them on wood yet or in the street. Overall I’m stoked on these wheels and will probably ride them for a while. If you skate mostly concrete parks and you want to go fast you’ll like these.

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