Bulldog’s Art by Wes Humpston

Bulldogs Art by Wes Humpston

ConcreteWave Editions
162 pages perfect bound
9 1/8” x 10 7/8”
ISBN: 0-9735286-4-8
Copyright Date:05
Review Date: 9/02/05

Wes Humpston has a semi-rabid and loyal following, so it’s only natural that he publish a book of his art. Bulldog’s Art by Wes Humpston (or “One Thousand and One Dogtown Crosses” as it is apt to be called) is a no frills publication packed with various drawings and photos of Wes’ skateboard art ranging from his original one-offs of the 70’s to mass produced and limited edition silkscreens of today. Unlike Jim Phillips’ book, there is virtually no accompanying text or background info, or miscellaneous art other than that used for skateboards, surfboards, and bodyboards. Most pieces are presented in sketch form with the production model next too it, and no comment other than the title. Jesus Saenz’ three page introduction gives a basic outline of Humpston’s first skateboards and his progression to present day collector’s hero, as well as some of the famous people and places his work has been ridden. The artwork covers multiple Dog Town eras and Bulldog Skates products as well as board designs for other companies not affiliated with Wes. Fans of Humpston’s art will be pleased with the quantity of art represented but may be disappointed if they hope to get any real insight into Wes’ career or personality. The book design has a kind of amateurish feel to it, but most of it’s buyers will probably be more concerned with seeing the reproductions instead of whether or not it has “coffeee table” appeal. At the very least, Bulldog’s Art by Wes Humpston gets the job done as far as presenting a collection for his fans. At $19.95 it’s definitely cheaper than trying to acquire a collection of his real art.

Online action: bulldogskates.com
Online action: www.concretewavemagazine.com

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