We Are Devo! The Book

We Are Devo! - book

Jade Dellinger and David Giffels
SAF Publishing
ISBN: 0946719497
Copyright Date: 2003
Review Date: 2004

This is the definitive textbook on Devo that covers their history from prenatal Petri dish to discarded bag of bio-waste buried in a landfill. From a rubber Ohio wasteland to kings of the world, to hiding in a foxhole in Baghdad. This not always flattering look at the principal spuds was begun with cooperation from the band that eventually ended once they realized it was not going to be pure propaganda. It’s refreshingly candid about DEVO’s descent into mediocrity. It offers fascinating insight into the band as well as the subculture of the time. If you think “Whip It” is all they have to offer the you need to pull your head out of your test tube. If you don’t get the fact that Devo is /was high concept, this might help you. DEVO blew minds.† “DEVO” used to be a drive-by insult hurtled from the mouths of rednecks and jocks, more or less the equivalent of “Faggot!” Find out about their humble beginnings at Kent State after being inspired directly by the Kent State massacre. Read about wacky movies with Dennis Hopper and Neil Young, and trips to tropical islands , complete with offers to be Johnny Rotten’s new back up band, and their very own Sex Pistols style record company swindle. We Are Devo!” also contains the origin of General Boy and Booji Boy, and the Jocko Homo publication that inspired the theory of De-evolution. Aside from occasionally being a little slow, the only other fault with the book is the disappointingly sparse collection of photographs. A must for anyone who can sing along to more than one Devo song, or fans of the recent slew of punk history books. Time spent reading (and writing) this review is time wasted not reading the book. Teachers and Critics Dance the poot! Published by SAF Publishing. they also print a book on Genesis (the band, not the bible), but you don’t have to read it.

Epilogue: I talked to Gerald Casale from Devo at bar and he said the book was “all bullshit.” You can probably take that with a grain of salt though, and in any case it’s still a good read, Likely the closest thing to the truth that will probably ever exist.

Online action: devobook.com
Online action: safpublishing.com

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