Pistolero: Pistolero

Pistolero; Self titled

Pistolero: Pistolero
Label: Sign of the Devil
Release Date: 1999
Review Date: 2003

I’m not sure what point there is in reviewing a cd by a band that isn’t around. Especially considering that they didn’t put a mailing address on the disc, so you couldn’t get it if you wanted it. Also, I blame John Sampson for all the bad bands I was in during my second college career. It seems he couldn’t be bothered to answer any of my flyers and as a result I was not in the kind of bands that I wanted to be in.

Pistolero is on the wave of bands that emulates the Detroit hard rocking sound that’s a little bit Iggy, a little bit MC5. You know the drill, and so do they. It’s an old wave, but they got on it about 15 minutes before a lot of other bands did. They are super sloppy and are pretty much hit or miss in a live performance. This cd is pretty much forgettable with the exception of a couple of songs, the most notable being “Bender” and “Bad is Good”. Otherwise, it gets a bit irritating if you listen to the whole thing. I don’t give up my grudges easily.

On a more positive note, I’d like to take this opportunity to give my apologies to Joel the bass player. I used to see him very infrequently, and thanks to my social ineptitude and his frequent disguises I was never able to recognize him. So… sorry Joel. I may be a jerk, but I wasn’t intentionally snubbing you. Also, what’s the deal with that smarmy guitar player? I don’t like him.

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