Radon: 28

Radon: 28

Radon: Radon
Label: No Idea
Release Date: 2000
Review Date: 2001

I’m Late to the Radon party. They appear to be from Florida and that’s about all I know. I got a copy of this CD from a friend, and I have to say that I wasn’t very impressed at first. But as I sat alone working in my basement, I didn’t want to expend the effort to go upstairs and get new CDs. Plus, a couple of good songs are sometimes enough to pull you in all the way. I spent the next couple of weeks looking around for a record store that carried it. I wanted to know more about the band and make sure they got their 75 cents in royalties from my purchase. The production isn’t great, but what can you expect from a place called “Turd Studios?” You have to turn this one up or use headphones to get the full impact of this CD, forget about a loud car. If you’re listening, and I mean paying attention, there’s a little bit of brilliance in here. the songs are catchy and the lyrics, if you can make them out, are often rewarding. The best song by far is called Science Fiction, a loose tale of enviromental responsibility and lack lack thereof. Although it sounds dry, it’s anything but. In fact, if you’re not paying attention you might miss it. The clincher on this song is that it’s great on more than one level. Even if you’re casually listening , it still stands out like a sore thumb. The other close contender is “Haiti,” a fun little ditty about immigration policies and hipocracy that features the great line “If we all came over on a boat, how come you act like you walked here on the water?” Don’t be mislead by song titles like “Step Mother Earth” and the previous two tunes. Radon isn’t about shoving dogma down your throat, and a healthy sense of humor is in evidence. There’s lots of opporntunities for sing alongs and catchy choruses. Musically, it feels a lot like some of the action that came out of the midwest in eighties – a little noisy, a little raspy, strong rock and roll bordering on a bit of thrash. The vocals are sometimes strained but what they lack in polish is made up for in enthusiasm and integrity. The melodies are important, it’s not just a guy yelling. That’s my story about Radon. Look for it. Buy it. Tell your friends. The fact that this record somehow made it into my hands on the polar opposite side of the country is a testament to something about punk rock. Thanks to Drew at plastichut.com for turning me on to this gem.

No Tech: No Idea P.O. Box 14636 Gainesville Florida 32604-4636

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