Rant and Rave: Crappy Skateboards | Jeff Grosso’s Loveletters to Skateboarding

After so much Love there has to be some Hate- it’s the duality of the ying yang (or something like that). In this installment of RANT Grosso takes on companies that make crappy skateboards (you know who you are), skate training facilities, skateboarding in the Olympics and of course tucking your knees on frontside airs.

Jeff Grosso: Instagram

Bones Bearings: Marcelo Bastos

Marcelo Bastos filmed by Tylre Wilcox. Edited by Tylre Wilcox and Vern Laird, from Bones Bearings.

3D Printed Skateboard… or Noodle

From Braille Skateboarding. Loads of info and links about this episode here.

The 187: How Pads are Made

187 Killer Pads

The Making of a Longboard | Birthing Ritual of the Loaded Icarus

Source: Loaded Boards.

The Hubble telescope has discovered music coming from beneath the frozen seas of Europa. Elon Musk is sending electric cars to Mars. And a skateboard factory was discovered on Pluto.

We’ve transported the Capital L factory back to its origins in San Diego to film this serious account of the making of the Icarus carving longboard. How do we make it? Whom do we make it for? Why do we make it? None of these questions are answered by our very own David Rak-enborough in this riveting take on a piece of bamboo.

Come with us as we explore the supernatural realm in which all beings are equal, where unicorns have two horns, and where biscuits meet gravy. Feast your eyes and behold the birthing ritual of the Loaded Icarus.

Roskopp Ripper: Kev’s Kreations Ep. 3

Kev’s Kreations have been building a lot of momentum lately. From Kev’s fans incessantly calling for more Kreations, to being bombarded with countless ideas from our friends on the internet, Kev’s Kreations are becoming a force to be reckoned with. So much so, we sent Kev down to California to meet up with Andrew Cannon – Brand Manager of Santa Cruz and OJ – at the NHS Headquarters and let him kreate! He went with the Roskopp Ripper, a retro slasher ready to thrash any transition. Comment on the video (on Youtube) and tell us what this board should be named and we will ship it out to YOU!

From CCS.

Acme Skateboards Mini Ramp Early 90’s

Marty “Jinx” Jimenez, Tom Knox, Jim Gray, and Greg Hodyna skating Acme’s in house mini ramp. I’d guess 1994 but not entirely sure what year…. It was a fun ramp, air conditioned and maxed out a little corner of the warehouse. It saw a lot of action…

Jake Phelps not a fan of Justin Bieber and Rihanna in Thrasher gear


Hot, hot, hot news from Teen Vogue….

Instagram Pic: Wilberto Giovani Colon

Madison Crum In Bummerland


More of our Bummerland, BC exploration during the GHF this year. We headed north of the event with Madison Crum (Valhalla) who traveled all the way out from North Carolina for the event. Up north we caught a few shallow neighborhoods with some interesting corners and eventually made our way out to the old Kelowna Skylands racecourse.


Zak Maytum Europe 2016 Video Part

Madrid Skateboards pro Zak Maytum put in work over the course of 3 days in France to bring us his most epic video part to date.

Broken Kingpins?

Broken Kingpins, single bearings, loose nuts, extra mounting hardware, grip tape scraps, stripped axles, cracked t-bolts (yes!), copers and other assorted junk that didn't make the front page. just because we don't have time to write about it doesn't mean we want to deprive you of the opportunity to waste your time. Look over your shoulder though, I think your nosey co-worker is about to bust you.

Broken Kingpins: Because the name "Junk Drawer" was already taken.

Yeah, this is just reposting. Now go read the good stuff.

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