Sturgeon Bay Skatepark

Let’s see… cleaning out the old inbox here. What’s this? The Sturgeon Bay Skatepark Initiative has met their finding goal and hopes to break ground on a new Grindline park in June. I wonder how that’s coming along… It’s finished? That was fast. Wait, what’s the date on that email? 2014. OK , well, that makes sense. Hold on, now they’re saying it was built by Dreamland. Maybe Wisconsin has the same wacky law that Washington has. Whatever, looks fun. Did you know Wisconsin ranks 6th out of all the states in beer consumption? I would have thought that the state with The Beer That Made Milwaukee Famous would have ranked higher than Vermont. Sturgeon are kind of gnarly.

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Ride MKE

Milwaukee, Wisconsin locals who aren’t content to wait for the Turf to be dug up again or settle for facilities like the one you see above (no joke!) have taken things into their own hands. RideMKE is a non-profit organization committed to establishing sustainable concrete parks in Milwaukee. (MKE is the airport code for Milwaukee’s Mitchell International Airport.) The first item on the agenda is to clean up and improve the abortion that is Estabrook park, but the ultimate goal is to spread concrete to new locations. The county is on board because it isn’t costing them anything. Check the story out on, or stop by RideMKE blog or Facebook page.

Skate Statue or…

My old friend Evil Tom sent me this link which he subtitled “Why adults should not portray teenagers in their art.”

“Fledgling” – All of us feel, or have felt, the awful and wonderful growth of this pre-teen skateboarder. Small wings on his back, he wants to fly yet is not ready to soar. Is he slouching to defy, to define himself, or to bear the weight of wings getting larger every day? Installed in downtown La Crosse, Wisconsin, this life size standing bronze figure reminds us young citizens need community support.

Well, at least his heart is in the right place, although I’m worried about his heart on. I’m bummed out at our Wisconsin readers. This tip came from a guy living in Michigan!

Bring a note from your mom or your wife

The Turf may be filled in, but the momentum is not dead. The same station that covered the digging out effort aired an editorial (Ted’s Take) coming down on WDOT bureaucracy. There’s an official web site for the voce of saving the Turf, appropriately named Save the Turf. The Mayor of Greenfield, (It’s technically not Milwaukee, I always forget that.) seems to be cautiously in the corner of the effort. Wisconsin’s DOT seems to be passing the buck. Their stance is that they need the land as a staging area until the off ramp is finished, at which point the land is scheduled to be given to the city of Greenfield. So theoretically, if they cover it with enough rubble so it doesn’t get further damaged, when the project is over they could dig it out again and repair it. Ted’s Take after the jump, or head on over to Save the Turf.

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Unearth the Turf

Guess what? It’s Turf week on Skate and Annoy. All Turf, all the time.

We have a campaign going to help save Surfin’ Turf/ The Turf skatepark here in Milwaukee, WI. We even went so far as to dig out one of the bowls last night and made it on the 10:00 news.

Details about whats going on, a video of the news story, and most importantly what people can do to help save the park are all at

More information and the video after the jump.

UPDATE: It’s been filled in. I don’t know how this effects the big picture.

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Turf digging photos

Martin Defatte sent in some more pictures from the digging effort at the Turf. These were actually from late Wednesday, but I couldn’t get to processing them until now. Martin said the cops showed up that evening which put a damper on things, but the bright side is, there’s all kinds of positive publicity now, and what could have been just an epic session for a bunch of hard working guys may possibly evolve into a more permanent solution.

Please contact the wisco DOT, as they are currently in charge…
Here is the phone #: (608) 266-1114
Here is the email:
Take 5 minutes and shoot them a friendly email, note the historical significance as well as the potential tourism dollars.

We need your help!

I may have left the Midwest for the land of amazing skateparks, it’s my home now with a capital “H” but right now my heart is in WIsconsin. Thanks again to Martin.

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SOTW 8-2-10: Digging out the Turf

Seeing this made me wish I could afford to take the rest of the week off and fly back to be a part of this. Josh Ellis has a bunch of photos up on that are going to give you a warm fuzzy. So it’s the Shot of the Week here on Skate and Annoy, but all the action is in Wisconsin. Beer City has another installment too.

Long live the Turf

Midwest skaters over a certain age have a fond spot in their hearts for The Turf skatepark in Milwaukee. Covered once in the 80’s and then uncovered and re-opened only to be shut down again in the 90’s. Filled with dirt, but not destroyed. The Nude bowl has been dug out so many times, why not the Turf? Last year was the 30th anniversary of the Turf. There were rumors about the property being available, but they proved untrue. We used to be able to dream, but now the final death knell has rung. The land that holds the once beloved concrete is being repurposed into a freeway onramp (Curse you I-94!) or possibly-a-park and ride structure for mass transit. Beer City skateboards has some shots of the excavation, and reader Martin Defatte sent in his own shots after the jump. Bonus video section of the Turf From Streets on Fire too.

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