SOTW 9-4-12: Cheers to Orcas Island

This week’s Shot of the Week is from Elias Parise, featuring Andy Adams with a backside nosegrab and Lorenzo Martinez toasting the action with what I’m sure is some sort of natural fruit soda in a bottle that he packed out out. Leave the spot cleaner than you found it folks. Orcas is one of my favorite parks but I haven’t been there sine my kids were born. I need to rectify that. Reports are that it’s still holding up, but is in need of a few minor repairs, and a coping block or two.

SOTW 3-5-12: Rex in Battle Ground

This week’s Shot of the Week is from Micah Breshears. It’s Rex Pearson at Battle Ground, Washington. The thumbnail above is cropped horizontal. Too tall for the front page, so hit the enlargement.

When I went to school…

Youtube user Jopomojo has a couple 8mm transfers of late 70’s footage from the old skatepark in Olympia, Washington. It may look familiar to S&A readers who remember a past SOTW from Dan Hughes. (Hi Dan.) These stills have a nice quality to them. Digitized VHS transfers of 8mm film. Top shot look looks like mars. Hook me up with the red planet. I wanna get my hands on it… On the first day I’ll get some atmosphere. Who gets the noprize? Unrelated: For the record, I firmly believe I’m quoting Mr Cobain and not Miss Love in the title of this post.

[Source: Olympia Time]

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Sponsor Luv: Merde in Battle Ground

A day in Battle Ground with Merde Sakteboards:

Jesse McDowell with some local BG skaters: Austin, Chris, and Old School Ken. Didn’t catch Austin’s buddie’s name, and I don’t know if people call Ken “Old School Ken”, but it seemed like he needed a nickname. Who doesn’t. I always wanted a cool nickname like “Skeeter”, or “Tony Bologna”, even though my name isn’t Tony. Either way, nice day in late October, so HAVE to take advantage of that, and BG is just that fun.

Catch it after the jump.

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SOTW 11-7-11: Bingen

This week’s Shot of the Week is from Carl Warren, on his home truf in Bingen, Washington. Say hello to Rayburn Edwards. It’s Fall, at least in our hemisphere. The only thing missing is a pumpkin. Thanks Carl!

Grindline in Laconner, Washington

This is a Grindline park in Laconner, Washington which is about a half an hour south of Bellingham. That’s Ted or possibly Fred on the backside boneless which was in fact a make, according to regular contributor John Aguilar. -Thanks! I saw pictures of a new Grindline park in Atlanta, GA (mainly in the street sections) that looked like it had some elements of a new direction for Grindline. Hard to tell from the tiny pictures though. Any of our Hotlanta readers want to scout it out?

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Tank Traps

This edition of drive by cellphone shots, these aren’t tank traps on the Maginot Line, rather light fixtures and car barriers at a high school in Redmond, Washington.

Help Marginal Way DIY park get 25k

…and all you lose is a little Facebook anonymity. Seriously, I almost wasn’t going to do it because you have to grant the Pepsi app access to your wall and a bunch of other info. You can bypass Facebook and register with the Pepsi site to vote as well. What’s all this voting? it’s another installment of Refresh Everything where people vote on which ideas to fund. This whole thing used to be a innocuous way for Pepsi to promote their name and do some good will until the corporate archdemons at Pepsi figured out a way to let you “power vote” by entering special codes found in bottle caps of certain Pepsi products. Scumbags….

But seriously folks, the cause is good. Vote now to help get money for Marginal Way DIY park in Seattle. The video is amusing. It’s hard to be angry around cute kids and a Desmond Dekker soundtrack.

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Red tape might accidentally kill a DIY spot in WA

DIY spots are abundant, and everyone knows when you start one that the odds are stacked against you. Still, the amount of DIY spots that are granted amnesty have increased, so you have to like those odds better than playing the lottery. Even when you celebrate, you know there’s a chance that the rug can be pulled out from under you. Hell, technically, even Burnside still exists only on double secret probation. Industrious skaters in Glacier, Washington built a spot called the Coal Pad on somewhat abandoned mining property that later was purchased in auction. When the new landowner Joe King found out about the spot when the county threatened him with fines unless the the park was removed or sanctioned with the proper permits. Incredibly, King agreed to let the park stay, provided the skating community took care of certain obligations agreed to be… adults. That’s a heartwarming stoke, until you get to the part where the company that previously had a mining lease on the property claims they weren’t properly informed of the sale, and are taking legal action to have the sale voided. First order of business? Tear down the skatepark and start strip mining. Greed concurs all? If the sale is voided, Joe King gets his money back, but as he was quoted in the Bellingham Herald:

“I don’t want my money back, and I don’t want that skate park torn out,” King said. “I’ve got too much time and energy and emotions invested in that.”

The plot thickens as the concrete sets. Tune to Glacier Skate Park Association for the latest.

– Thanks to John Aguilar for the tip.

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