SOTW 3-25-13: Seattle Vert

This weeks Shot of the Week is near and dear to old GVK’s heart. It’s Payton Moriarity wearing the vert mantle and forging ahead for the youth of skateboarding. It brought a tear to Steve’s eye, mostly because he realized he’ll never be that good. Full frame after the jump, bonus shots at Cold War Skateboards. Photos by Marshall “Stack” Reid.

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SOTW 12-17-12: Mojave Desert Free for All

This week’s Shot of the Week features Larry Martin circa ’88 or ’89 out in the Mojave desert. There were better “skate shots” to pick from his batch, but I wanted to showcase the ramp and not necessarily the action or the photo. Here’s a little more on the subject from Larry:

I built this ramp on poached land in the Mojave desert near Lancaster, Ca. around 88… I had moved there with my wife after living in Ventura/Fillmore Ca. all my life. There wasn’t many ramps in the Antelope Valley at that time. The Palmdale one from the “Great Desert Ramp Battle” was toast. So, I made some new street/ditch skater friends and enlisted them in my idea to just build a halfpipe in the desert for anyone/evryone, and hopefully the police would leave us alone. They did, and we had it for about a year/half before the High School party crowd ruined it. We cut the templates with a jig, but the rest was all done without power tools. The wood of course was scavenged. This was during the savings and loan scandal, and huge housing projects were closed everywhere in the valley. Signs were just the easiest, as they were roadside, and blown over from heavy desert winds. Lots of funny stories of course surround the ramp. After it’s demise out there in the desert we rebuilt it 8 more times in backyards. Ahh, the good old dayz we all know so well.

Bonus shots after the jump.

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Random press photo

Hey, it’s Pierre Luc Gagnon at the X games in Los Angeles back in June. He won. I guess you should go buy some Monster Energy drink. Tune in next month for this month’s Street League results.

Florida VERT Attack

Florida VERT Attack series is aimed at passing on the the vertical urge to a new generation, as well as just perpetuating those backyard days. M.E.S.S. anyone? (P.S. Britt! COme on Man, chime in!) No Comply has some photos form Florida Vert Attack #8. Vert Attack #9 was in March. These guys need to get a web site set up. Anyway, here’s a few photos of series organizer Tod Morrow, taken by Nick Nicks. Come on, real name? Wait, it might just be his real name. Top shot is SkatePark of Tampa and the indoor ones are at Vans Olando (R.I.P. as of 1-22-12).

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SOTW 3-12-18: Denny Guenther at Woodward

This week’s Shot of the Week features Denny Guenther from Raleigh, NC, although the photo was shot in Woodward, Pennsylvania by Jer Warren.

FU old man!

If you learned to rotate 90 degrees a year it would only take you eight years to master a 720, which works out fine for eight year old Evan Doherty. The video description says he landed the 720 on “vert” but he’s clearly way down by the seam on the transition. I’m clearly just kidding… This puts things like thefirst “street” backflip into perspective. This eight year old probably lives in Calif… what’s that? Oh yeah? Kansas… I wonder how long he’ll stick with it. Video after the jump.

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SOTW 4-4-11:

This week’s Shot of the Week is a photo of Michael “Kalmar” Moschinius taken by Martin Willners in 1981 at Araby-rampen in Växjö, Sweden. A few words from Michael on the shot:

The competition in Växjö was part of the “1981 Coca-Cola Cup” which was kind of a swedish championship. It wasn’t a skatepark but a single “Hollywood-ramp” (about 13 foot wide, 13 high and with 10-15 foot of flat in the bottom). It was built for skaters by skaters in a residential area. We had very few sponsors (a local ski-skate-windsurf shop). This was the kind of terrain we had in Sweden these days. No bowls, no pools, no parks, no concrete!

We had very few older persons involved at this time and it was almost impossible to find anyone with proper knowledge of the sport who could be judges. Therefore we had to choose tricks from a printed list, write them down and give to judge and then preform them in the exact order during the run. Crazy, but better than nothing!

Did you know skateboarding was forbidden in almost all swedish citys during the late ’70s? If the cop came you better run as hell. But it was even worse in Norway: all import, manufacturing and sales was forbidden and it was even forbidden to own a skateboard!!

In the late 70’s and early 80’s Michael was a contemporary of Tony Magnusson, competing and sometimes beating him on the Swedish circuit. It’s not all in the past, Moschinius still skates.

Check out the Shot of the Week.

Balancing the trade deficit

At long last we’re finally shipping some substandard manufactured goods to China instead of receiving them. The Fanling Vert Ramp in Hong Kong being perpetrated by American Ramp Company. It’s prefab concrete, which I gotta say kind of makes sense to me. I mean, if you’re going to build a concrete vert ramp, prefab might be the way to go since uniformity is more desirable than creative artistry, assuming they have the skills to set it up right. Look at the size of those vert panels. This thing looks like a beast, although at that height it’s going to seem narrow.

– Thanks to Chad Balcom for the tip.

View from the cheap seats

No matter what the watermark would lead you to believe, this is not the Powell Peralta 80’s Vert Challenge, but rather the Quicksilver event. SInce it was a Powell Peralta production, I thought it was going to be a slick production but it’s a guy in the audience pointing a camera over everyone’s head. Maybe it was an attempt to go for 80’s realism!

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