Skate Boarding Coloring Book

This is the Skate Boarding Coloring Book illustrated by Magnus Fredriksen and published in 2011 by Dokument Press in Sweden. Note that the word “skateboarding” is broken into two words by the publisher. Of the 60 illustrations, a few of them come from recognizable source material.

– Thanks to Matthijs for the pics.

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mrock airborne lp

M-ROCK – Airborne LP

To keep the discussion “What is Skate Rock?” alive, we now have some obscure vinyl from Sweden for you. At first I thought someone just put a late 70´s / early 80´s photo of a skateboarder on the front cover to gain a bit more attention.

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SOTW 4-4-11:

This week’s Shot of the Week is a photo of Michael “Kalmar” Moschinius taken by Martin Willners in 1981 at Araby-rampen in Växjö, Sweden. A few words from Michael on the shot:

The competition in Växjö was part of the “1981 Coca-Cola Cup” which was kind of a swedish championship. It wasn’t a skatepark but a single “Hollywood-ramp” (about 13 foot wide, 13 high and with 10-15 foot of flat in the bottom). It was built for skaters by skaters in a residential area. We had very few sponsors (a local ski-skate-windsurf shop). This was the kind of terrain we had in Sweden these days. No bowls, no pools, no parks, no concrete!

We had very few older persons involved at this time and it was almost impossible to find anyone with proper knowledge of the sport who could be judges. Therefore we had to choose tricks from a printed list, write them down and give to judge and then preform them in the exact order during the run. Crazy, but better than nothing!

Did you know skateboarding was forbidden in almost all swedish citys during the late ’70s? If the cop came you better run as hell. But it was even worse in Norway: all import, manufacturing and sales was forbidden and it was even forbidden to own a skateboard!!

In the late 70’s and early 80’s Michael was a contemporary of Tony Magnusson, competing and sometimes beating him on the Swedish circuit. It’s not all in the past, Moschinius still skates.

Check out the Shot of the Week.

Miraculous Fundraiser

The Searc for the Miraculous is, believe it or not, a skate video. I’ve seen some of his work (Strongest of the Strange) a long time ago, and what I remember about it was just stoke, so I’m not sure what to expect from this hour long skate video. It’s showing at the Clinton Street Theater in Portland on December 2nd as a fundraiser for Brooklyn Street Skate Spot. If you want to know more about it, you can check out the official web site or watch a video of Pontus talking about it.

Mini-Giftorm – Betongcupens program

Swedish meatballs

Brought to you by Bryggeriets Gymnasium, Mini-Giftorm seems to be an online ‘zine. Some english but mostly swedish. Some cool shots. Can anybody translate?

The Carvells and Magnum Bonum sin L.A. Run, AKA Skateboard

The Carvells: Part 2, and Magnum Bonum

In the dark days leading up to the apocalypse of Skate and Annoy’s web meltdown I featured the Carvells video for L.A. Run. Well, of course that led me to do some further investigating on the internet, and by “investigating,” I obviously meant draining my Paypal account by having a record shipped from the U.K.. In the meantime, House of Neil uncovered a contemporary (at the time) cover of L.A. Run by the Swedish band Magnum Bonum. And yes, it’s in Swedish.

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