At-At Walker

Derek Keenan’s At-At sculpture made from skateboards was part of a 2014 show at Black Book gallery called Deathstar Blues, intended to highlight then upcoming Star Wars themed releases from Vans and Santa Cruz. The only way to improve on this sculpture would be if Keenan only used Walker Skateboards. Because then it would truly be.. you know, an At-At Walker.

[Source:] – Thanks to MC for the tip.


This week in creepy toys

This week in pairings of creepy toy dolls with entirely unrelated fingerboards: Two big-eyed dolls with Star Wars fingerboards from McDonalds Happy Meals. It’s a confusing listing, but the Tonner and Kish dolls are just being used for display purposes to show off the toy skateboards.

Sant Cruz Star Wars skateboards

These aren’t the skateboards you’re looking for reports from the Agenda trade show that Santa Cruz is releasing some licensed Star Wars skateboards. It looks like some of them come packaged like little action figures. Santa Cruz will put out a skateboard with anything and everything on it. As weak as the idea of a Star Wars skateboard is, I really like the replica action figure packaging. That’s pretty good attention to detail. Check it out after the jump, as well as a Skate and Annoy exclusive insider pic of the limited edition, super technical slalom deck that will likely cost an arm and a leg.

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Skate Wars

My sons are obsessed with Star Wars. My eldest came home from the book fair with Darth Paper Strikes Back by Tom Angleberger. It’s in the vein of Diary of a Wimpy Kid (You’re familiar with the genre, right?) I’ve been reading a little bit of it each night to him, and as far as kids books go it’s pretty good. One of the protagonists is an antisocial kid with an origami Yoda finger puppet who dispenses sage advice to the middle school kids. His nemesis is an annoying kid who makes a Darth Vader origami finger puppet who is not content to destroy his paper foe alone, he tries to get the other kid kicked out of school. It’s irreverently amusing, and filled with references to movie dialogue and scenes. It also has illustrations mixed throughout and scribbled in the margins, which is why we’re here. One scene takes place in a skate park. The illustration isn’t really about the story, it’s meant to look as if the storyteller was inspired to doodle in the book after reliving the details. Poor R2 D2 is on rollerblades, while Jabba the Hut has multiple boards. He would have fit better on a longboard.

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